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10 Biggest Turnoffs For Women: Experts Review

Biggest turnoffs for women

What are the biggest turnoffs for women?

Do you keep getting rejected by women and wonder why?

Could the issue stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of what women like and dislike?

Do you know the behaviors women find repulsive?

Or perhaps you’ve just met a lady you want to date but want to do everything right this time, so you don’t blow it?

Well, if you are here for any of these or simply to learn the biggest turnoffs for women then you need to pay close attention to this article.

Devoting time to understanding a woman can have a significant impact on your dating life. You must understand that women are not as difficult to understand as most people believe. The key to understanding a woman is being attentive and caring. If you are not paying attention to her or fail to listen to her you are going to get it all wrong.

On that note, let’s delve into the 10 biggest turnoffs for women…


1O Biggest Turnoffs For Women

Biggest turnoffs for women

You’ve probably been told what women like or do not like all your life by men and not women. But have you really taken your time to find out what women want from a woman?

Well, it’s time to stop assuming what women like or dislike, and get to know the 10 biggest turnoffs for women:


1. Women hate lies

This is one of the biggest turnoffs for women, men, and anyone at all. No one loves to be told lies, no one enjoys being used and women definitely do not love it. Most guys feel it is cool to tell ladies lies or that it’s probably the best way to get a lady.

Lies will not get you the right woman rather being sincere will help.

You have to understand that some women can detect lies easily. And once they discover you can never be truthful, they will stay away from you.

Therefore, you should do away with lies and try to be sincere.


2. Being Pompous or vain

Nobody likes someone who brags or pretends to be who he is not just to impress people. If you want a woman to dislike as quickly as possible then try being pompous or vain.

Showing excessive pride in your looks or achievements is both annoying and uncool. Praising yourself at every given opportunity just for attention is one big turnoff for women. Women want attention, thus when you are giving that attention only to yourself you are indirectly saying she is insignificant.

On a more serious note, no one wants to hang out or date someone who is too self-engrossed. You have to look beyond how proud you are of yourself and think about others too.

This is one of the biggest turns offs for women and you should not do this.

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3. Lack of self-confidence

One negative personality trait that can ruin your chances with women is a lack of self-confidence.

Women like confident guys who can boldly walk up to her and express their feelings. However, when you keep giving her mixed signals hoping she deciphers your feelings for her, then you are simply pushing her away.

You don’t want her chasing you around while you make no effort to do the same. No one wants to be with someone who has low self-esteem. If you want others to be proud of you, you must first be proud of yourself.

Men with low self-esteem are thought to be weak in spirit, whereas women prefer strong and bold men. This does not mean you need to do anything dangerous to get her. You just need to be outspoken, proud of yourself, and respectable to get women attracted to you.

This is definitely one of the biggest turnoffs for women.


4. Being Aggressive (One of the biggest turnoffs for women)

Biggest turnoffs for women

No woman likes an aggressive guy. Being aggressive doesn’t make you seem powerful. It simply shows that you have no regard for the other person’s feelings which means you would be difficult to get along with.

Get rid of the notion that women prefer abusive men or bad guys. Of course, some women may like a bad guy for a short-term relationship but being aggressive in a long-term relationship is never okay.

Women prefer easy-going men who listen to and respect them. Constantly maltreating her or being rude to her will only make her dislike you. This is not a movie where aggressive men are thought to be attractive or tough but real life.

It is important not to confuse being aggressive as being in control. Of course, some women like men who are in control but never a man who abuses them.

Thus, this is one of the biggest turnoffs for women and you should do away with it.


5. Being overly sensitive

It’s not cool to bottle up your emotions, nor is it cool to be overly sensitive.

Women do not like men who are overly sensitive. Yes, they want to hear about your feelings but when you make everything all about you it becomes offensive.

Being extremely emotional, or constantly overreacting to situations is one of the biggest turnoffs for women.

You may be perceived as a weak man if you are constantly complaining or unable to make rational decisions. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t express your emotions, but being overly emotional is never considered a manly trait.


6. Body odor or being unattractive

You certainly will not get a woman if you are always unkempt or have an offensive smell. Women are attracted to good looks, nice fragrances, and confident men.

Thus, one of their biggest turnoffs is poor personal hygiene. No one even wants to hang out with someone who can’t take care of their looks.  You are not only embarrassing yourself but you’re also embarrassing them too. If you want to impress her on the first date you need to look clean, smell nice, and be confident.


7. Being rude or disrespectful

Trust me you are going to lose her if you are disrespectful to her. No one is comfortable with someone who dismisses their feelings or thoughts and treats them as if they are unimportant.

Thus, you have to respect a  woman if you want her to stay. Talking harshly to her especially in public will only make her hate you. Forcing her to do the things you want is totally wrong and one of the biggest turnoffs for women.

You should try listening to her and obeying her wishes for a change. Apologize to her when you have offended her, this does not make you any less of a man.

This is one of the biggest turnoffs for women, so you should quit doing this.


8. Being jobless or lacking ambition

Women are not comfortable with a jobless guy or with a guy that lacks ambition. If you want to get a woman to stay you must have a dream or a job. She can’t possibly have future plans with someone who can’t take of himself or her.

Disliking a jobless person does not mean she is after your money. Being jobless or lacking ambition makes you seem lazy and aimless in life and no one wants that.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a plan for your life. You should do it for yourself and not for her. Before chasing a woman, figure out what you want to do with your life.

Being jobless and lacking ambition is definitely one of the biggest turnoffs for women.

9. Being a womanizer

One of the biggest turnoffs for women is being a womanizer. It’s quite disgusting when a man chases after every woman he sees. You always have short-term relationships with women, and you can’t even keep one woman. There’s definitely nothing appealing about being a womanizer.

You enjoy playing with women’s emotions or using them for your own benefit. Once you show the signs of being a womanizer, then you should get ready to lose her.

No one wants to stay with someone who will only end up hurting or using them.


10. Making Empty promises

When you keep making promises you can’t keep, you are simply telling her you are not trustworthy.

It is very annoying to be with a man whose actions do not match their words. You should be a man of your words. Don’t try to impress her by saying things you know you can’t do.

Women do not forget promises made to them, so if you don’t want to offend a woman don’t make promises you can’t keep.



Here you have it, the biggest turnoffs for women. You now have a better understanding of the behaviors that women find repulsive.

However, it is important to note that each woman is unique, thus it is important to listen to your woman and learn her preferences.


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