ways to know your relationship is toxic


Are you wondering if you should continue with that relationship or not? Are you having doubts about your relationship lately and you are looking for reasons to breakup? You are feeling uncertain or frustrated? Are you in an unhappy or toxic relationship? Then you should check out five reasons why you should break up even if you still love them.

Relationships can be amazing but can also be worse than hell when they are toxic, leaving little or no room for happiness. A toxic relationship is unhealthy and can lead to emotional abuse, physical abuse, depression, or worse.  Therefore, it is very important to know when your relationship has become toxic. You have to also bear in mind that a healthy relationship can also evolve into a toxic relationship.

So, when you start noticing those red flags that your relationship is toxic then it is time to either address the root cause of the problem or leave. Those toxic signs are enough reasons to breakup.

Reasons to Breakup Or Leave That Toxic Relationship

You are not sure if you should break up or not and you are looking for reasons to break up, then this is just for you. Now, let’s find out why you shouldn’t stay in that relationship:

-Frequent arguments

reasons to breakup

As much as it is very normal to quarrel in relationships, when it becomes excessive this becomes a red flag that something is wrong. So. If you find yourselves raising your voices at each other at every given opportunity, then it may just be reflecting a deeper issue. Frequent quarrels may mean that you have some unresolved communication issues, so you should try to address that. You should learn to settle your disputes calmly without fighting or abusing each other.

If this isn’t the case and you both are constantly hurting each other, then you should leave. But if you guys can take your time to thrash out your issues then you can feel the peace and happiness of a healthy relationship. Frequent quarrels don’t mean your love is strong, it means that something is wrong, don’t downplay it. This is definitely one of the reasons to breakup before something worse happens.

-Excessive jealousy

reasons to breakup

Jealousy is part of every relationship and is quite normal too but can become toxic if it is excessive. Excessive jealousy can also illuminate a lack of trust in a relationship, which is definitely not good for a healthy relationship. Excessive jealousy can lead to aggressiveness and possessiveness which are harmful to any relationship. You both need to learn to trust each other and let go of jealousy so you don’t end up hurting each other.

Take your time to work on your insecurities so you don’t ruin your relationship. If your partner stops you from interacting with other people or gets upset when you do so, then something is wrong. If you allow it to continue, it may lead to something worse. This is one obvious sign that a relationship is toxic and definitely one of the reasons to breakup.https://prettyprogressive.com/5-warning-signs-of-an-unhealthy-relationship/


A relationship is not a bed of roses, there are good and bad times…we all know that. But if you find yourself always unhappy in a relationship, then this is definitely a sign that you are in a toxic relationship. If you feel empty or sad all the time then you have to leave the relationship. You shouldn’t be in a relationship where you are sad or unsettled. For your peace of mind, you have to address the issue or end the relationship.

You shouldn’t take your happiness for granted by staying with someone that makes you sad. Unhappiness is definitely one reasons to breakup, so you can find a happier and healthier relationship.

-You feel alone

toxic relationship

If you feel alone in a relationship or if you feel you are the only one doing all the work to keep the relationship going, then you have to quit the relationship. You can’t do all the work alone, it takes two to make a relationship work. It’s only a matter of time before you break down and the relationship comes crashing down. Couples should be like a team. So, when it seems like you are handling everything on your own then you are definitely in an unhealthy relationship. Feeling lonely in a relationship is one of the strong reasons to breakup. HOW TO KEEP A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP

-Physical or emotional abuse

reasons to breakup

These are definitely one enormous red flag that you should not ignore. physical and emotional abuse are deal breakers and you should leave the relationship immediately. A misunderstanding or quarrel should never get to the point where you raise hands on each other or say very hurtful things. You need to take your leave for your own peace of mind. If you, however, decide to stay for one reason or another then you may just be putting yourself in greater danger.

No one deserves to be beaten or to be emotionally abused by their own partner and you shouldn’t be okay with it. You need to leave before it is too late. This is one reason to breakup or leave that toxic relationship.


A toxic relationship can contaminate your peace of mind, destroy your self-esteem and affect the way you feel generally. This is why it is very important to know when a relationship has become toxic. The reasons above are enough for you to leave that relationship. So, once you start seeing these red flags that your relationship is unhealthy you have to address the issue. Or you can breakup before it is too late.


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  2. Great post! It’s so important to constantly be aware of things going on in your relationship and how they’re changing, either for better or for worse. Thank you for sharing!


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