6 signs of an abusive friendship


Romantic relationships are not the only relationships that can be toxic, you can have an abusive friendship. An abusive friendship is simply an unhealthy relationship which is emotionally draining, frustrating and exhausting. So, this sort of relationship brings you pain and unhappiness instead of comfort, love and care you need. And makes you wonder if your friends maybe wrong for you.

Friendships just like romantic relationships do have their ups and downs, but when this becomes too often, then you could be in a toxic friendship. If you find yourself in an unhealthy friendship you need to find a way to end it. And the first step to doing that is identifying the signs that you are in a toxic relationship.


It is never okay to stay in an abusive friendship, therefore it is important to identify an abusive friendship as soon as possible. So, if you are wondering if your friends are wrong for you, then you need to check this out.

Now, let’s dive in to find out:

-They make everything about them

Toxic friends have a way of making everything about them, they only care about how they feel and what they think. A healthy friendship shouldn’t be lopsided, it should be a give and take relationship. So, friends have to support and listen to each other. But when it seems like it’s all about one person, then it is definitely not healthy. A toxic friend will always find a way to manipulate every conversation to be all about them. So, if the friendship is all about them and never about you, this is definitely a sign that you are in an abusive friendship. They never listen to your complaints, problems or stories without making themselves the center of attraction. HOW TO RENEW YOUR BOND WITH YOUR FRIENDS

-They keep competing with you

It’s okay to want to grow with your friends in order to improve yourself, a healthy competition between friends is okay. But toxic friends always find a way to cross the line and make the competition an unhealthy one. They don’t want you to excel and they want to be involved in everything you do. They aggressively compete with you and would do anything to undermine your accomplishments. It could be in your romantic relationships, career or anything at all. They are just jealous of you and don’t want you to be ahead of them. If your friends are jealous of you, then they certainly are not good for you. An abusive friendship often seems like it is competition which is not healthy. https://www.verywellmind.com/how-to-end-friendship-4174037

-They make you feel insecure

Friends that are toxic will always put you down, criticize you and make you feel insecure around them. They will never appreciate you, encourage you or compliment you. You always seem unhappy, and unsettled around them. Somehow, they constantly drain your energy and make you hate yourself. So, if your friends are constantly unkind towards you or you feel unhappy around them, then you need to reevaluate such a friendship. Constantly being put down by your friends can make lose your confidence and make you very unhappy. This is definitely one glaring sign of an abusive friendship and you should not ignore it.

-Always Unavailable

They are always too busy or not available when you need their love or support. or don’t care about you and whatever is going on in your life. Toxic friends are never there to celebrate your success, they are often resentful of it. They have little or not interest in celebrating your success. And when you are going through difficult times, they are never there to help you through it. Good friends should be there to encourage you, celebrate you and motivate you when you are down. But this is never the case in an abusive friendship, they are never there for you.

-They are not trustworthy

You find it difficult to trust them probably because they have broken your trust in the past. And you can’t confide in them because you are scared they will use it against you. They have let you down countless times, and you are skeptical about trusting them again. This is definitely one sign that your friends are wrong or you. And you need to do do away with such friendship for your peace of mind.

-They try to control you

Your abusive friends will always try to control you, they want to exert influence on how dress, what you think and do too. They also want the friendship to be on their own terms, with them dictating what happens. Loving friends encourage you to be yourself and also respect your decisions. However, in an abusive friendship, your friends just want to take over your autonomy and force you to do what they want.

Abusive friendships can be just as damaging as toxic romantic relationships, and you should not ignore the red flags. Once you notice you are in an abusive or toxic friendship, leave for your peace of mind.


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