6 warning signs that you have bad friends


You may have bad friends but of course, you wouldn’t know because they are your friends. So, how do you know your friendship is bad? What are the warning signs that you have bad friends?

The kind of friends you keep goes a long way to determine the kind of person you are or the kind of decisions you make in your life. Good friends encourage you to make the right decisions while bad friends influence you negatively. Therefore, it is important you pay close attention to this article so you would know how to identify them.

Bad friends are absolutely no good for your mental health or general well-being. They have a negative impact on your life and they gradually drain your energy without you knowing it.

So, you have to identify them and cut them off from your life no matter how hard it is. You need to cut them off before it is too late and before they do more damage in your life. You want people who would influence you positively, encourage you to make better decisions, and who truly look out for you. And bad friends certainly do not do any of these.

You would be better off without them, so you need to take up the courage to get rid of them. The first step to doing this is by identifying them.

What Are Signs That You Have Bad Friends

signs you have bad friends
unsatisfied friends

So, if you are no longer okay with a bad friendship, the first step to take is to identify them. So, let’s find out the signs that you have bad friends:

-They influence you negatively

Friends do have a lot of influence in our lives, especially if they are very close to you. So, yes, they definitely influence the kind of decisions you make sometimes and if you are someone who listens to them always, they influence your decisions almost every time. So, if you have a friend that always gives you the wrong advice or pushes you to always make the wrong decisions then you have a bad friend.

Bad friends love it when you are up to no good, they don’t ever encourage you to make decisions that would help you grow or become a better person.

They make you do things you don’t want to do, they bring out the worst in you and they make it seem like it’s normal. So, if you constantly feel your friends are influencing you to do only the wrong things, they are bad friends and you should get rid of them.

-They are “Fake friends”

You know you have bad friends when they are only present when things are going well in your life. They are only around when they know you have money to spend or when they need your assets. When you are in need they are never there for you. And when you are in trouble they are nowhere to be found. But when it is time for enjoyment they are always present.

This is more than enough to let you know they are bad friends and do not have your best interest in mind. They are only there to use you and because of what they stand to gain from your friendship. And they certainly do not care about you but what they can gain from you. Fake friends is one of the warning signs that you have bad friends.

-They are jealous of you

signs you have bad friends
Jealous friend

It is never okay to have friends who are jealous of you, jealousy should have no place in a healthy friendship. You shouldn’t keep friends who are jealous of you because they may end up harming you. So, if you notice that your friend is constantly competing with you or angry when you are succeeding, you should cut them off.

Good friends celebrate with you when you are winning not the other way round. Bad friends however cannot stop competing with you or getting angry when you are progressing.

-They always reveal your secrets

Your friend should be someone you can rely on or confide in. Someone that you feel your secrets are safe with them. Not someone who is too eager to spill your secrets to others just to make you look bad. A good friend is someone you can trust, if this isn’t the case then they are obviously bad friends. If they are in the habit of talking about you behind your back then you are not safe having them in your life.

They do not care about your feelings or your secrets. They just want to make you look bad in every other person’s eyes. This is one sign you have bad friends. HOW TO KNOW A HEALTHY FRIENDSHIP

-Bad friends constantly put you down

signs you have bad friends
emotionally down

Now if your friends are in the habit of criticizing you always this is an obvious sign that they are bad friends. They are no good for your mental health and they make you feel bad about yourself. They make you doubt yourself and or feel poorly about yourself. It makes them happy to see you unhappy, they derive joy from constantly putting you down. And You are not yourself when you are around them. This is definitely one of the signs that you have bad friends.https://www.healthline.com/health/toxic-friendships

-They are self-centered

You know your friends are bad when they only care about themselves and no other person. They want to dominate every conversation and they want to make everything about them. There is no consideration for your feelings, they only care about how they feel and what they want.

Your Friendship is only about what they want and how they feel. This is a one-sided friendship and a true friendship should never be one-sided. This is one of the signs that you have bad friends.

What Are Consequences Of Ignoring Signs That You Have Bad Friends

Bad friends are no good for your mental health. They influence you negatively and push you to do things you don’t want to do. For your own peace of mind, you should have no room for bad friends. Get rid of those friends who make you feel bad about yourself or make you do things that you feel are wrong. To become a better version of yourself, you need to do away with people who are dragging you down.

Keeping bad friends that constantly put you down can affect your self-esteem and may even lead to depression. The more you keep bad friends, the more you lose yourself which makes you feel empty. That feeling of emptiness is no good for you, so you need to be in a friendship that brings out the best in you.

Now, when you keep friends that influence you negatively you may get accustomed to doing things you hate doing. You may become a shadow of yourself and your friends now have full control over how you live your life.

They may also lead you to trouble you may not be able to handle. And when you are in trouble they may be nowhere to be found and you have to bear the consequences all by yourself.

You may forget about those things that are important to you, you may lose focus on your goal because someone else is encouraging you to do something else. And when you finally come back to your senses time has gone and a lot has happened that you can’t take back.

The earlier you get rid of bad friends, the better for you. Make friends with people who bring out the best in you and not the opposite.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bad Friends

Identifying bad friends is the first step, the second step is getting rid of them from your life. It may not be as easy as it sounds but it is definitely worth it and you need to get it done.

-To get rid of them you have to confront them. Let them know they have been bad friends, you can give them a second chance if they are willing to change. If they are not, then you need to break up with them.

-If you don’t want to go through the stress of confronting them, you can simply cut all communication with them. Stop keeping in touch with them and stop visiting them. They would eventually notice that you want nothing to do with them. With time, you both will get used to not being friends anymore. So, you can choose whichever way you want to end the friendship.



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