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Can you love without trust? Can you really love someone you don’t trust?

The truth is you can definitely love someone without trusting them but that love is going to be very difficult. This is because you need to trust someone to be able to love them genuinely. Without trust, your love is going to be toxic, filled with jealousy, insecurity, and bitterness. And you can never be at peace with someone you don’t trust no matter how much you love them.

Any relationship without trust cannot survive, it’s only a matter of time before it comes crashing down. This is because love is not enough to keep a relationship going, you need trust, honesty, commitment, and more to keep a relationship strong. So can you love without trust? No, you can’t because that is no longer love but toxic feelings.

If you truly want a healthy relationship, then you both have to work on building trust. A relationship without trust is just two people spending time together and not a relationship. A healthy relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust. Now, let’s find out why you can’t love without trust?

5 Reasons You Can’t Love Without Trust

love without trust

What does it mean to trust someone? It simply means you feel safe with them, you believe they have your best interest in heart and would never hurt you. You believe they are sincere or honest and you can trust them.

But when this isn’t the case, you’re always suspicious of them, you’re scared they would harm you and you don’t feel safe at all with them. And this means you will never feel at peace with them. So,  if you really want to have peace of mind you should work on building trust in that relationship or just quit it. Here are 5 reasons you can’t love without trust:

-You’re going to be unhappy and insecure

When you trust your partner, you can feel relaxed and safe with them and you have no reason to doubt that they genuinely care about you. And this means you’re going to be happy in that relationship. However, if you constantly feel they’re unfaithful or will harm you in one way or another, you will certainly not be at peace in that relationship.

You always find yourself snooping around looking for new betrayals. And something keeps telling you that they are about to betray you again. You are anxious all the time and you just can’t feel safe or happy in such a relationship. This is one reason you can’t love without trust. You can’t be at peace in a relationship filled with doubts and mistrust.

-The relationship may not last

Any relationship without trust has a weak foundation and sooner or later it will crumble down. When you don’t trust someone, you are unsure of where you stand in their life and you’re scared of what will happen next. And you have one foot in and one out the door, and the slightest thing can destroy such a relationship.

And just a little misunderstanding can escalate into something bigger because there isn’t any trust. There are just doubts and insecurity in your relationship and you keep contemplating about ending it. So, you can’t truly love without trust because you’re scared of getting hurt.

-You may end up resenting your partner

If your partner has betrayed you before and you decide to stay with them you may never feel safe with them again. Trust is very hard to build once it has been broken. And if you have forgiven them too many times but they’ve refused to change, resentment is definitely going to take the place of love in your heart.

You may find yourself doubting them, or being bitter with them because you haven’t truly forgotten what they did to you. You may have forgiven them but you just can’t shake off the feeling that they would do it again. And you may end up resenting your partner and it becomes difficult to love them genuinely. Resentment may grow gradually because you’re trying so hard to love them without trust. CAN YOU SAVE A RELATIONSHIP THAT MOVED TOO FAST

-The relationship may become toxic

When all you have left in your relationship is mistrust, jealousy, resentment, and unhappiness, trust me that relationship has become a toxic one. There’s no healthy relationship without trust and if this isn’t the case with yours then it is a toxic relationship.

You may find out you both are constantly quarreling, there’s excessive jealousy and you can’t have your peace of mind. And your love for them becomes poison to you, making you feel anxious and depressed in your relationship. Love without trust is toxic. 5 REASONS TO BREAKUP (TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS)

– Love alone is not enough

You should know that love alone is not enough to keep your relationship going, you need trust if you want your relationship to last. No matter how much you love your partner, that would eventually die if you don’t trust them. Love cannot exist without trust.

You need to believe they have your best interest in heart, to love them completely. To form that bond that can’t be broken, you need trust. So, you can’t love without trust. https://www.joinonelove.org/learn/healthy_relationship/

What Should You Do About It?

You know you don’t trust your partner and this is affecting your relationship with them but you don’t know what to do about it. Here’s what you should do:

-Ask yourself why you’re still in a relationship with someone you don’t trust

Why are you still dating them is it because you love them and is that love enough for you? Are you happy with the way things are in your relationship and are you ready to stay in such a relationship?

It is up to you to decide what to do but you need to bear in mind that you’re hurting yourself by staying in a relationship without trust. If you value your peace of mind and happiness then you should either work on building trust in that relationship or leave it.

-Work on building trust

If you don’t want to quit your relationship then you both have to work together to build trust. You both have to learn to be honest with each other and consider each other’s feelings whenever you’re doing anything.

Think about how your partner would feel if you betrayed them and if you truly love them you wouldn’t want to see them hurt. Talk about your feelings with each other and don’t hide things from each other.

-Work on your  insecurity

If you naturally find it hard to trust people then you need to work on that before it destroys your relationship. If your partner has tried their best to make you feel safe in your relationship but your insecurity keeps getting in the way, then you need to do something about it.

Believe they want the best for you and free your mind of any doubts you may have. Stop overthinking and stop letting your feelings or thoughts control you. Talk to your partner about your feelings and stop giving room to negative thoughts or doubts in your relationship.


A relationship without trust is not worth it, feeling insecure, unhappy, and suspicious of your partner is depriving yourself of peace of mind. You can love someone and not tust them but that love is going to be very difficult. And love shouldn’t be sad, difficult and frustrating.

If you value your happiness, you shouldn’t be in a relationship without trust.




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