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Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman: 6 Obvious Signs She’s Cheating

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characteristics of a cheating woman

If you are here, then there must be one question in your mind… “What are the characteristics of a cheating woman?” “What are the obvious signs she is cheating on me?”

It’s hard to imagine that someone you have come to love and trust could betray your trust so easily. But people do this, especially to those who love them dearly.

If your woman has been acting strangely, has been distant recently, or has been lying frequently, and you suspect her of cheating, you’ve come to the right place.

Cheating isn’t gender-specific, both men and women cheat in their marriages and relationships. Even though most surveys have shown that men tend to cheat more. However, newer surveys have revealed that women also cheat almost as much as men.

Well, let’s not dwell on that.


Why Do Women Cheat?

Women cheat for various reasons, this however does not make it excusable to cheat on your partner. Some blame it on their partner’s lack of care or attention towards them. Others cheat to have access to some material things or because of the kind of friends they keep. Some women blame their cheating on their nature, claiming that it is difficult for them to be with just one man.

Whatever the reason, cheating destroys the emotional and physical intimacy that is the foundation of most relationships.

And with close observation, you will notice the signs she is cheating on you.

Let’s look at the characteristics of a cheating woman.


6 Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

signs she is cheating

If you are suspecting your woman of cheating on you, here are the obvious signs she is cheating on you:


Being secretive is one of the most common characteristics of a cheating woman. If she’s suddenly being secretive, probably hiding her phone or hiding to take her calls then she may be hiding something.

She has added a new password to her phone, she’s always busy on her phone, or she keeps late nights. Things she never used to do before.

Being secretive is one of the obvious signs she is cheating on you. You may need to confront her about her suspicious behaviors and hear what she has to say about it.

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-Feeling Indifferent about the Relationship

Her attitude towards your relationship with her has suddenly changed. She appears to be distant or withdrawn from the relationship. You can’t have an intimate discussion or intimacy with her.

She goes out alone more often than she used to, she’s on her phone when she is with you… these are characteristics of a cheating woman. You can’t remember the last time you had physical or emotional intimacy with her because it seems like she has lost interest.

-Being Evasive or telling lies

Does she avoid answering your questions or engaging in intimate discussions with you? If that’s the case, she’s doing it so you can’t see right through her.

She’s emotionally unavailable and avoids any conversations involving talks about commitment or your relationship.

When you question her about certain strange behaviors, her answers are frequently evasive. This is one of the obvious signs she is cheating on you.

If she can’t give you a straight answer or look into your eyes when you talk about her suspicious behaviors, then there’s reason to suspect her. If she has a habit of lying frequently, you should not believe everything she says.

-Loves To Pick Up Fights With You

If she is always irritated or looking for reasons to pick up fights with you, then she may be cheating on you.

She’s probably giving all of her love and attention to someone else and what she now feels for you is disgust. This is the reason she is picking up fights with you. Or she could be doing so because she suspects you are cheating too. The anger and jealousy she feels maybe because she is cheating on you.

These are the characteristics of a cheating woman…

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-Change in sexual appetite

A sudden change in her sexual appetite is an obvious sign she is cheating. If she suddenly develops a voracious sexual appetite or total lack of desire for sex, then something is wrong.

This is one of the characteristics of a cheating woman which you shouldn’t ignore. Maybe it is time you had a serious chat with her about the sudden change in her attitude.

-Spends more time with her friends

This could also be an indication that she is cheating on you. So, when she spends more time with her friends than usual, you shouldn’t ignore this.

There could be a reason she is spending more time with her friends than with you. Hanging out with them may give her the freedom to engage in her secret affairs.

This is part of the characteristics of a cheating woman, so you need to keep an eye out for this. If you are not spending enough time with her, then it is time to start doing so. This might help figure out the signs she is cheating on you.


Can A Woman Cheat And Still Be In love?

characteristics of a cheating woman

When someone cheats on you, stop thinking that they still love you. Loving someone means knowing not to hurt them, especially by doing something as devastating as cheating on them.

Does she still love you if she is cheating on you? No! I don’t believe that is love. Genuine love never involves cheating because someone who truly loves you would always look out for your best interests. They would not want to see you hurt, or mess with your feeling just for their selfish desires.

She may claim to still love while cheating on you but you shouldn’t believe or forgive her so quickly because of that. If you do so, you may end up resenting her. Take your time to process your feelings and pain before deciding the next step to take.

People who cheat don’t know what genuine love entails. They have their own twisted version of love which makes them believe they can still love you and cheat on you.

Finding out on your own that she has the characteristics of a cheating woman might cause her to confess her wrongs. Saying she still loves you may be her way of avoiding the repercussions of her behavior.


What to do when a woman cheats on you?

When you finally figure out that she has been cheating on you, it may be devastating to handle but you need to do the following:

-process your feelings… don’t act too tough just because you want to be a man. Feel your pain, acknowledge them and deal with them gradually.

-Keep your distance from her for a while, if that would help. This may give you time to reflect on your pain and decide what to do next. Do not cheat on her as a form of retaliation, this may only end up complicating things.

-Talk to her when you feel like you are ready to confront her about her actions. Find out what her reasons may have been for cheating on you but do not forgive her if you are not ready to do so yet.

-Do not blame yourself for her actions and do not let her blame you either.

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