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Disadvantages of sleeping with a married man

Disadvantages of sleeping with a married man

Welcome to xplorefeelings, we’re going to take a look at the disadvantages of sleeping with a married man.

There’s a burning issue that’s been disturbing me and this has to do with ladies sleeping with married men.

There are over a billion single men on Earth. Why should you choose to be having an affair with someone’s husband? Do you wonder how badly this might affect the wife and the kids? Or do you care about only your selfish gains or pleasure?

Do unto others what you know won’t hurt you when tables turn around. From some of the research I have made, I found out most of these ladies only agree to date these married men because they’re forced.

There’s a reason we have the police and other law enforcement who can defend you when one decides to override you.

There are many disadvantages of sleeping with a married man. As a lady, you attract so much disrespect from his wife and sometimes get trolled. The bible itself frowns at people who indulge in having affairs with married men.

What God has joined in holy matrimony, there should be no asunder whatsoever. The main biblical ethic is One man vs One woman.

Disadvantages of sleeping with a married man

5 Disadvantages of sleeping with a married man.

1. He will never be yours to keep

Ladies, God will never send you a married man. Instead, you should pray for yours to come.

No matter how good a mistress you are to him, be rest assured that at the end of the day he has a family to run back to.

The moment you realize you’re just wasting your time with him the sooner you will end any form of emotional attachment you have for him.

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How do you comfortably keep sleeping with a man you know well that he’s married.? It’s not hard to believe but surprising how you might think you can keep him for yourself.

2. You’re tagged as a home breaker

The truth remains that the moment you begin to date a married man, he starts having issues with his wife at home.

By then you’ve already been tagged a home breaker and the wife will begin to monitor every one of his moves.

Look, you have lots of admirable suitors who can choose you as their own. Dating a married man doesn’t make any sense. Yeah, you’re probably there for the fun and cruise plus the money you’re enjoying. Why go through all those stress if you can just find your own man and have a peaceful life together.

3. You will be blamed for everything–

Another disadvantage of sleeping with a married man is that whenever anything bad happens in his marriage, you’ll be blamed for it.

If for instance he loses his job or something else happens, they will blame it on the mistress.

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You’ll hear statements like– if you had concentrated on your work and stop chasing after that mistress of yours you would have seen it coming.

I know people only see things from whichever angle they want, that includes your relationship with a married man. But what is your motivation? Do you expect him to marry you as a second wife or leave his family and run after you?.

Sister, you need to give yourself a break. Let him go to his family. Travel out of the country if possible. Find a new life and be that person the society uses as a good example to the younger generation.

Would you be satisfied to find out your husband or kids know you lived a life that one can’t emulatedl? I don’t think so!.

4. High chances of contact STDs.

Be rest assured that you’re not the only side chick that married man is sleeping with. Another side effect of having affair with a married man are that he can contact HIV/AIDS or any STDs from anywhere and transfer them to you.

You wouldn’t want that! Most of these men are very wicked to the point they can do anything to put you in a tight spot. Like I said, why go through all that stress? For what exactly? Money? Fame? Wealth? Or something that you can’t work out on your own.

5. You’ll have trust issues with men.

The funniest part of having an affair with a married man is that you won’t trust any man. All men become the same to you.

You know how you used your body to cause trouble in another woman’s home so you won’t want the same thing to happen to you.

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In all my years, I have seen different ladies battling with the mistakes they made as youths when they eventually wanted to settle down.

The disadvantage of one sleeping with someone’s husband is that even your husband becomes a prime suspect. You see yourself laying different cheating allegations on your supposed husband.

There’s a popular saying that ” A stitch in time saves nine”. He who knows what to do let him do it while the sun is still shining.

*Married woman sleeping with a married man

Should a married woman be sleeping with a married man? That’s a no-go area.

To heal after being cheated on

Why on Earth will someone find happiness and pleasure doing what is condemned by the law and society. It is very wrong and uncalled for to see a married woman sleeping with a married man.

If you don’t find happiness in your marriage, talk to a marriage counselor or discuss whatever issue you have with your husband. Although marriage is for better or for worse there’s a level to which you can endure whatever you’re passing through.

It’s best to come out openly and declared you’re done with the marriage. Nobody will support a married woman having affair with a married man.

*Sleeping with a married man whose wife is pregnant

It doesn’t matter the condition of the man’s wife, whether pregnant or not that’s not an excuse to be having an affair with him.

Disadvantages of sleeping with a married man

During pregnancy, some women can seem very impossible and emotional. Sleeping with the husband will utterly shatter her heart and can lead to miscarriage.

There’s no good in making another woman sleep with tears because you refused to let go of her husband. Remember, what goes around must surely come around.

*Sleeping with a married man Bible verse

Even the bible clearly condemns having an affair with someone’s husband. There are also other bible verses that talks about one not putting asunder in what God has joined together.

*How to stop sleeping with a married man

Anyone who has a conscience will think twice about sleeping with a married man because there are disadvantages to it.

To stop that act of having affair with married men, you need to do the following–

1. Break up with him– Tell him you’re done with the relationship and you don’t think what you two are doing is right.

He might want to persuade you into changing your mind but stand your ground and ask him to go home to his family.

2. Ask God to help you in prayers– the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places. Sometimes you realize you are not only sleeping with one married man alone but with as many as possible. It might not be natural, so I oblige you to go to your creator in prayers.

3. Change your circle of friends– most time the pressure from friends and the competitions alone can push anyone into sleeping with not just a married man but different men for money and pleasures of life without minding the consequences or disadvantages.

Even the bible said that if your eyes will cause you to sin, you should cut them off. Cut off from friends who are knowingly misleading you.

Doing the right thing doesn’t cause anything. You get to enjoy freedom, and peace of mind and you feel great.

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