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Does He Miss Me During No Contact: Signs Your Ex Misses You?

does he miss me during no contact

So, you have decided to cut off all communications with your ex for your own good yet you can’t seem to get him off your mind? And here you are wondering “Does he miss me during no contact?”  “What are the signs your ex misses you?” “And how long into No contact will he miss me?”

What is the purpose of “No Contact?”

No contact is undoubtedly the best way to get over an ex and move on with your life. The purpose of No contact is to give each other some space and time to deal with your emotions and also move on.

Although there are times when you wonder, “Does He Miss Me During No Contact?” and you just want to know if your ex misses you as well. It’s quite normal to miss your ex or think about your ex.

It doesn’t mean you don’t want to heal, it only signifies that you are human and that you care about them.

However, the best thing you can do for yourself after a breakup or leaving an abusive relationship is to cut off all communication with your ex.

During the no-contact period, no phone calls, text messages, or discussions about your ex are permitted. Doing this allows you to look at your relationship from a new perspective.

This way you don’t go running back to an abusive partner or an ex just because you miss them. Thus, you can figure out what’s best for you and how important it is to move on.


How To Know He Does Miss You During No contact 

signs your ex misses you

Cutting them off does not mean you don’t occasionally think of them or wonder if they miss you.

When you have been in a serious relationship with someone, you will undoubtedly miss them, and they will miss you as well.

So, what are the signs your ex misses you? How do you know if he thinks about you during no contact?

But how do you figure out if he misses you during no contact? Everything you need to know is right here.

How often does he contact you?

This is one way to figure out if he does miss you during no contact. You may not be on good terms with each other but he can’t help checking in on you or calling you late at night. This is definitely one of the signs your ex misses you during no contact.

He sends you long messages or calls even when he knows you don’t want to communicate with him. And if you have his number blocked, he may try reaching you through other means.

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He is active on your social media accounts 

He may not call or text you but he is always the first to like or comment on your social media posts. It’s almost as if he is stalking you to know if you have moved on or not.

This is one way to know your ex misses you. His comments and likes on your page are just an indication that he does miss you during no contact.


He talks about you with your mutual friends 

He misses you during the no contact if he does ask about you. Your mutual friends may draw your attention to the fact that he talks often about you. He is curious to know if you have a new man and how you are faring after the breakup.

He is not over you yet if he keeps talking about you. And just because you don’t communicate with each other does not mean you are far from his thought.


He keeps trying to reach out to you

Despite the fact that you have blocked his phone number and unfollowed him on all social media platforms, he attempts to contact you. Then it is pretty obvious that he isn’t over you and he probably misses you during no contact.

You are not the only one wondering if he misses you, he is also wondering if you do. This is mostly the case if you both were really in love with each other. Because of how important the relationship was to you both, he will find it difficult to cut you off completely.

He may try to reach you through friends, by bumping into you, or through strange numbers. Just simply know that he can’t get you out of his mind and that is why he can’t help it.


He is still single

If he is still single even after your breakup, it could be because no one can take your place in his life. He still misses you and probably wants a second chance with you. He being single is one of the signs your ex misses you.

Alternatively, if he keeps having short-term relationships with different girls it could also mean he is not over you yet. He may be going out with different ladies just to make you jealous.


How Long Into No Contact Will He Miss Me?

Does he miss me during no contact

Does he miss me during no contact? Is he really over me? What goes on in his mind during no contact? How long will it take for him to start missing me?

It’s not easy to stop yourself from thinking about all these questions. You could keep yourself busy just to avoid thinking about your ex or what he is up to. However, you can’t escape all these questions. During your quiet moments, you find yourself wondering if he misses you or not.

If your relationship was serious or really intense he may be thinking about you just as much as you are about him. During the first few weeks of no contact, he may believe he can live without you. But as time goes on it begins to dawn on him that you are not coming back, and that is when he starts missing you.

You may notice that he starts calling or texting because he doesn’t want to lose you. And you start noticing those signs that your ex misses you.

How long it will take for him to miss you often depends on the individual or how serious the relationship was to him. The relationship may not mean that much to him thus he may find it easy to forget you.

However, if you have recently left an abusive relationship, this could be a problem. Thus, wondering how long into no contact will he miss you may not be a good idea. If you start missing him or think about giving him another chance, you may be continuing the cycle of violence.


Is Missing My Ex Normal?

does my ex miss me

It’s normal to miss your ex whether he was abusive or not, or whether you were the one who initiated the breakup or not. This is someone you have grown to love, someone you have shared a part of your life with, so there’s no way you wouldn’t miss them. Thus it is often normal to ask yourself “Does he miss me during no contact?” 

A song, a scent, or a place can just remind you of them. And you can’t help wondering if he misses you during no contact or not. You may find yourself reliving the memories you both shared. Well, it is quite normal to reminisce and with time you will slowly forget them.

However, if all you do is think about them without remembering why you broke up, you may be doing yourself more harm. You have to constantly remind yourself that in order to move on, you must forget them. Memories of them may remain in your mind, but you must try to completely bury them.


It’s natural to wonder if he misses you during a period of no contact. But how often do you think about this? And how much of an impact is it having on your recovery from the breakup? You can’t move on if you keep missing him or thinking about him all the time.

Remember that the purpose of no contact is to get rid of them from your mind and give yourself enough time to heal. You simply can’t do that if you keep wondering if he misses you. Of course, it won’t be easy but it is worth it.

Trying to forge ahead is better than holding on to something that hurts you.

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