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Spending quality time with your kids is very important for their development and happiness, but finding time to do so may be difficult. You may be busy at work, or busy with other time-consuming activities that you may have little or no time for your kids. However, spending little or no time with your kids can put a strain in your relationship with them. And you may not know much about what is happening in their lives.

Spending less time with your kids can have a negative impact on your child’s behavior and nobody wants that. Kids need love, attention and a listening ear, therefore you have to make out time for them.  So. Let’s dive into the tips you need for that:

-Have an alone time with them

You need to spend quality time with your kids to remind them that you love and care about them. And an alone time is the perfect time to reinforce these feelings. So, you can take them to the movies, to the park or to the mall, just to have that perfect time to talk to them about them. This can be arranged every weekend or every two weeks depending on your schedule. 5 WAYS TO GET YOUR KIDS TO TRUST YOU

-Remind them that you love them

Always make out time to tell your kids how much you love them in whatever creative way you can even if you don’t have time. You can write them notes, give them a hug, tell them with words. Or you can make a short video telling them how much you love them. You can decide to go big by inviting their favorite cartoon characters to tell them how much mummy or daddy loves them.

-Spend more time with them

You have to try your best to integrate your children into whatever you are doing. This has a way of reminding them that you do care about them. So, if you want to go shopping, or if you want to make dinner you can make it fun by integrating your children’s help. It may be messy but you will definitely get to spend time with your kids and they will love it.

-Go on vacations with them

Between the time spent at work and home chores, you may have little or no time for vacations. But whenever you can squeeze in time for a little vacation. You can make it memorable for your kids by taking time to somewhere special. And what better way can you get to spend quality time with your kids if not on vacations?

-Pick them from school

Kids love it when their parents pick them at the end of school day and they can get to fill you in all everything that happened in school. This way you can get to spend some time with them. And you can also know if they have any problems at school that you need to address.

Spending quality time with your kids have a positive impact on their social and emotional development, so you have to spend more quality time with your kids. So, how do you spend quality time with your kids?

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