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4 Helpful tips on how to make a man cry for hurting you

How to make a man cry for hurting you

Have you been disappointed severally by men and you need helpful Tips on How to make a man cry for hurting you.? Get you reading glasses and relax as I bring you nice tips on what to do.

Offending and being offended can not be totally avoided in our day to day human relationship.

Most times we tend to justify our action even if it’s hurting another badly, vice versa. And this has turned out to be a problem in relationships where Jerry claims to be right for saying the things he said or acting in a manner he acted without bothering about the harmful impacts his words or actions are having on Helen.

Helpful tips on how to make a man cry for hurting you

Most guys are so egocentric and stingy with “i’m sorry” that even when confronted over their hurtful words or actions, they will never apologize.

Did your man fall into this category of egocentric men? Don’t worry I have 4 magical tips that will help you to get him to cry for hurting you.

Crying in this context, doesn’t practically mean that he will come before you and start shedding tears, rather making him realize and also acknowledge how hurt you are over his words or actions towards you.

The Tips on how to make a man cry for hurting you are as follows:

 1. Ignoring Scheme

Those exciting and romantic moments when he returns from work and you open the door for him while showering him with praises on how wonderful he is, pause it at that moment that you are hurting and ignore him.

He begins to gist you on what happened at his workplace, meeting or anywhere that he went to, give him a cold response or keep calm.

Serve him food and avoid any form of dining room romantic flows, eat your food silently. ( No matter how hurt you are, don’t starve yourself) and don’t contribute to any discussion he might be bringing up.

What does heartbreak feel like for a man? Do men cry?

If he sends a text, view it and do not reply, and if he calls, do not answer but if the call persists, please pick up and know what the problem is, it might be a matter of life and death. (for the unmarried, but the married can apply it too if distant).

 2. Denial

If he likes going on a weekend date, gym, workouts, strolling and events with you, refuse to attend any of the aforementioned with him while you are still hurting. (he will be touched especially when he knows that you love those outings with him so much).

If there’s anything edible which is his favorite that you often buy for him on your way back from work or market, buy it and eat it in his presence without giving him, if he tries to take, prevent him (but keep some for

Strictly for married, do not deny him food and sex, it’s very dangerous to do so(try and resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid food and sex denial coming in).

 3. Cry

Please don’t hold back those tearful expressions of the hurting inside, let it out in his presence. (Most men can’t stand their wife crying, talk more of being the reason why she’s crying).

Having done the above, a man with conscience will certainly understand that he has hurt you and will approach you to know where he has wronged. When he does, please resolve every matter amicably and don’t stretch issues to avoid critical situations arising.

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My number 4 and the last tip on how to make a man cry for hurting you. This is a bonus tip for the disengaged and divorced.

 4. Build up

If he disengaged or divorced you, don’t kill yourself darling, it is his loss okay. Build up yourself to a better and fulfilled woman and let him view your glory from afar.

You are Light, Salt and Water.


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