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Building a relationship can take a whole lot from time, energy, attention, emotion and more, and often times when it ends, it becomes rather difficult to have a life without the relationship. And you keep asking yourself, how do I get over my ex? How do I pick up what’s left of my life after a broken relationship? Well, we are right here to help you with all that.

Trust me investing your time and emotion in a relationship only to watch it crumble before your eyes is really heartbreaking. Broken relationships have left a lot of people depressed, tired of life and a shadow of themselves. But you wouldn’t want this to be you, which is why you are probably thinking of ways to get over the heartbreak.

So, you have had an amazing relationship with this great guy but it ended abruptly and you can’t get over him? You have cried your eyes out, you have even lost your appetite for food or for the things you really love to do. Dear, we are here to help you get yourself back. Do the following:


You have to give yourself time to grieve, yes! It is okay to grieve but don’t grieve for too long. Let all the negative feelings out, cry and come to terms with what has happened. What you shouldn’t to do is pretend to be okay when you are not. The first step to getting over your old relationship is grieving.


Grieving is okay but acceptance should follow next. You have to accept that the relationship is over. This means you have to stop calling or checking up on him. Stop going through his social media accounts to know what is going on with him and just accept that you guys are done. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds but you just have to try.

-Distance yourself

To truly get over a guy, you need to distance yourself from him to feel liberated from the past. Stop calling, texting or visiting, the more you do these the more difficult it will be for you to get over the relationship.

-Do what makes you happy

Take your mind away from what has happened by doing something fun or doing something you enjoy doing. So, you should travel to a new place, go clubbing, focus on your career or do whatever you are passionate about. https://www.everydayhealth.com/emotional-health/how-move-on-10-steps-closure-after-you-break-up/#:~:text=Make%20sure%20you%20give%20yourself,somewhere%2C%20or%20take%20a%20class.

-Surround yourself with people that make you happy

Spend time with friends, colleagues or family members that make you happy. This can help to take your mind off hurtful things. You can go out with friends or spend quality time with your family members to stay positive.

-Give yourself time

Time heals, so you have to give yourself time to get over what has already happened. No matter how great the guy has been and no matter how hurt you are, you can get over it all if you give yourself time.

Once you are done following these steps then you can decide if you are ready to start dating again. Who knows you may end up finding a much better relationship.

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