how do you know when to leave your relationship


How do you know when to leave your relationship? What are the signs you need to let you know that it is time to end a relationship? Well, this is a good question because most people don’t know when to end a relationship they rather suffer in silence and remain unhappy. Knowing when to end a relationship is important for your happiness. You shouldn’t have to stay in a relationship you are fed up with.

Relationships do go sour, people lose their feelings or feel uncomfortable in their relationships. Now, it is important you leave when you’re no longer okay in a relationship. However, ending a relationship is not easy especially when you have invested years in it. But it is better to break up than to be unhappy or pretend you love someone when you don’t. STARTING A NEW RELATIONSHIP AFTER A FAILED ONE

-When Do You Leave Your Relationship

So, if you wondering if you should leave your relationship or not, then you need to check this list out:

-There’s a Lack of Trust

Nothing kills a relationship faster than a lack of trust. When you can’t trust each other, it creates room for doubt and misunderstanding. Trust is an important ingredient for every happy and successful relationship. And when it is no longer there, the relationship crumbles. You begin to doubt everything your partner does, which leads to anger, jealousy, possessiveness, and other negative feelings. You both need to be sincere with each other and communicate openly with each other. But, if this lack of trust continues to linger, then you need to leave the relationship. Being in a relationship with someone you trust makes you feel safe and not restless. You know they have your best interest at heart and you feel secure in the relationship. However, when a relationship lacks trust, you feel restless, insecure, and uncertain, it becomes difficult to cope with such a relationship.

-You are not yourself around your partner

If you have to pretend to be someone else around your partner, it’s only a matter of time till you can’t take it anymore. So, if you can’t be yourself then maybe they are not the right person for you. If you feel like you are playing a part or you act differently around your partner then there’s definitely something wrong. This is just one glaring sign that the relationship isn’t for you, and you need to end it. Or if your partner puts you down constantly or makes you feel insecure about yourself, then you should leave the relationship. You deserve someone who appreciates who you are and motivates you to be better, and not the other way round.

-You are being abused

If your relationship is toxic or you feel negative around your partner then this is definitely a sign that you need to end it. If your partner abuses, disrespects, or doesn’t appreciate you then you can’t be happy in such a relationship. So, if you find yourself feeling unhappy or negative when they are around then you should leave the relationship. If it gets to the point where you are physically or emotionally abused, You have no other choice but to leave before it is too late. You shouldn’t have to stay in a relationship where you are constantly abused or humiliated. It is better you stay single than have to cope in an abusive or unhappy relationship.

-Your energy is not matched

When the love, time, effort, and energy you give are not matched by that of your partner. Or you no longer feel loved or happy in your relationship. Then it is time you leave such a relationship so you can find someone else to reciprocate your feelings or love. So, if you feel like you are doing all the work to keep it going or you feel alone. Then your partner does not deserve you and you shouldn’t have to put up with that. Stay where you are appreciated, be with whoever wants you as much s you want them. Don’t be someone you have to beg to show you some love and attention. Don’t be in a relationship where you suffer in silence because your partner doesn’t feel the same way about you. https://www.oprahdaily.com/life/relationships-love/a28725954/signs-of-unhappy-relationship/

-You don’t see a future with them

When you are in a long-term relationship with someone, you begin to imagine a future with them. The idea of starting a family with them and the desire to share a future with them becomes a part of the relationship. However, when this isn’t the case, then you may just be wasting your time and theirs too. If you can’t imagine yourself with them in the future then it is time to break up and move on. There’s no reason to continue to stay in a relationship without any future. It will only lead to you both hurting each other.

If the relationship is abusive, meaningless, or unhappy, then these are enough reasons for you to leave a relationship. So, you don’t keep hurting yourself or hurting your partner. Now, you have gone through the list above, it is now up to you to decide what to do.



  1. The problem with being abused is becomes incredibly hard to leave the relationship the longer the abuse goes on. It’s one of the reasons it can be hard to help abused people to leave the relationship, plus, it’s dangerous. You’re more likely to be killed when you end an abusive relationship. Thus, make sure you’ve got everything you need in place when you do

    1. it’s difficult to leave an abusive relationship like you said. So, it’s important to get everything in place and leave as soon as possible. Thanks for outlining that

  2. You’ve mentioned some great points. Its so important to recognise when you need to walk away. Its a topic I think should be talked about so much more.

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