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How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend at a restaurant

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Have you ever wanted to go on a date with that girl you love and in the process ask her to be your girlfriend at a restaurant?

So, I will be listing some cool and clever ways to go about it. You need to learn a few things about girls and know the type of person she is and what she wants.

Girls love guys who are bold, as in they aren’t intimidated by the social status of any lady whether she is beautiful, rich and famous, or independent. And also someone romantic as well.

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

I will mention 5 different things to do before you ask her out.

1. Be a gentleman.

The first thing to do before you ask a girl to be your girlfriend is to be a gentleman. Don’t be too pushy with what you want to say to her. Take things step by step. Don’t just invite her to have dinner with you and then the next thing you do is for you to pop the question. No, that’s not going to give you the ticket you need to hear her.

2. Talk to her and get to know each other better.

What type of lady do you want? Does she meet your spec, how are your two communication skills?

What you need to do here is ask to invite her to have lunch with you in a restaurant, talk about things that matter to you, and also pay attention to her.

Be a good listener and see if she also cares to know more about you and your past.

3. Befriend her.

Make her your very good friend, don’t just be in a haste to ask her to be your girlfriend.

The relationship will be better and fun if you two start as friends. By doing so you already know quite a lot about yourselves.

4. Plan a surprise proposal.

Since by now you two must have become good friends and you’re sure she’s single, there will be no need to waste time.

Look for a good restaurant or choose her favorite restaurant on a cool evening which will be a great opportunity to pop the question.

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Make reservations for the two of you and here is a clue, before you ask her the big question, chip in some related questions whether or not she likes you.

Ask her what she thinks about you two and whether or not she thinks you’re compatible.

A lot of guys have been disappointed many times when they tried a surprise engagement party.

5. Expect Anything when you ask her to be your girlfriend.

Now here’s the most interesting part of asking a girl to be your girlfriend in a relationship, she might say NO OR YES. Don’t freak out regardless of what she says, always have a backup plan just in case she says no.

Most ladies don’t like being surprised or getting too much attention. She might just run away and give you a yes or no answer.

If something like this happens, just walk out gently and try to inquire why she ran away.

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But if she says no and tries to cause a scene, get up and leave. It might not be the answer or scene you expected but just man up to it.

Once man food is another man’s poison.

Paragraphs for a girl to be your girlfriend.

1. Hi dear, when I’m with you I never find the right words to say. I can’t imagine life without you. My head, my heart, and my soul was only meant to love you and you alone.

For a moment I thought you have some sort of supernatural powers because you captured my heart.

Life won’t be complete without you, that’s what I know deep down. I love you and would love to be your man. Sweetheart will be a great wish that comes to pass if you agree to be my girlfriend. I love you.

2. Maybe you’re a thief because from the moment we met, you stole my heart away. Every part of me cries for you. You’re what I seemed to be lacking all my life. I’m hoping with time; you can get to know me better and our relationship can be classified as a romantic one.

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I desire to be that man you’ve been dreaming to be with. ” I want to be your Mr. Right” will you be my girlfriend?

3. I have met a thousand ladies, known hundreds of them, dated a few but in all none of them made me feel the way you make me feel. I’m so happy when I’m with you, a moment with you is like forever.

They said NOTHING lasts forever, I want you and I to be nothing but in love with each other so we can last forever.


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