how to balance being a mum and work


Finding a balance between a career and motherhood can be very difficult but with the right tips you can definitely handle both. Being a mum can be exhausting, it requires your attention and energy. And having to be a mum while you have a career can be even more hectic and stressful. Your time, thoughts, energy and attention are often divided between your duties at home and at work.

 Finding the balance between work and motherhood may feel unattainable, but you can definitely pull through it by following these tips:

-Create a routine

Set a routine that works for you, this can help you get through the day smoothly. A routine helps you to plan your time and get things done without much stress. So, you can decide to do certain things at a specific time of the day and leave the rest for another time. You can do some morning routine before you rush to work. HOW TO START YOUR DAY AS A HOUSEWIFE

-Prioritize your task

This simply means that you have to decide which tasks come first. Prioritizing your tasks helps you not to spend time and energy doing less important things when there are things that need your immediate attention. Just know what tasks are more important than others.

-Spend quality time with your kids

You may barely have time to spare for your kids because of work, but try as much as possible to squeeze in some time for your kids. Whenever you get the opportunity spend quality time with them. You can spend time with by chatting with them, playing with them or doing other fun things with them. Keep work away and just be a mum.

-Get enough sleep and rest

When you are stressed out, trust me you won’t be able to either be a mum or work efficiently. In order to balance work and motherhood you need to get enough rest and sleep. When you have time off work and your baby is asleep or with the nanny, try your best to get some sleep and rest.

-Avoid putting too much on your plate

Try not to overload your schedule, know when to turn down invitations to social events or other commitments. If it is going to add to your stress or make it harder for you to combine work and being a mom, then you should probably let it go. Even at work, try not to take assignments that will make things even more difficult for you. Make sure you can handle what you have on your plate.

-Don’t forget to pamper yourself

Taking some time to pamper and enjoy yourself help you to relax and recharge . Then, you can come back stronger as a mum and career woman. So, squeeze in a little time to do what you like. It’s important not to forget that you need to take care of yourself. It shouldn’t just be only about work or being a mum. https://www.whattoexpect.com/first-year/baby-care/balancing-work-and-new-baby/

You can have a career and still be a great mum, it may not be easy but you can make it work. The tips we have listed out for you should definitely be helpful to you.


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