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How to deal with a workaholic partner in a relationship

How to deal with a workaholic partner in a relationship

How do you deal with a workaholic partner in a relationship ?

First of all, let’s take a look at who a workaholic partner is; before talking about how to deal with such people in your life/ relationship.

How to deal with a workaholic partner in a relationship

A workaholic partner, whether a man or woman is someone who prioritizes their job first before every other thing. Don’t be surprised, you can go on a date with a workaholic and all they’ll end up talking about is the nature of their job.

Workaholism has ruined so many relationships because not everyone can put up with it.

If your partner is a workaholic, there are a few things to do to make them live a normal life with you.

What’s the reason for workaholism?

When a person doesn’t find happiness at home, he or she looks for a place that’s more relaxing or comfy to while away time.

Most men I have had a chat with opened up that they hardly get the kind of peace they get at work, at home.

1. Too many bills to settle with less support from the other spouse.

One of the reasons most people, men especially subject themselves to being workaholics is because their partners don’t give a helping hand. Hello!

Instead of sitting at home or spending quality time with his family, when he remembers he has so many bills to pay and there is absolutely no one to assist him he starts working so much.

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As someone in a healthy relationship, you can assist your man with most of the house bills and other minor things. Take, for instance, he pays for the house, school fees, parking lot, water, electricity bill, hospital, welfare / child support, and every other thing.

The thoughts of this alone can make one go crazy and end up as a workaholic partner. I’m not saying women don’t take responsibility alright, but out of a hundred, just a few want to get their nails dirty.

2. An escape route for unnecessary arguments.

Another thing I noticed is that it’s not every man that likes unnecessary arguments or drama from their partners. For instance, a man who married a woman who talks too much or likes to pick a fight with him will likely become a workaholic.

This is because the only place he finds peace is either in the bar, club, or at work. He comes home when he feels everyone is fast asleep and goes out early the next day.

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My point here is that there are so many things that could trigger someone to become a workaholic partner in their relationship.

How do I deal with a workaholic partner in a relationship?

If you’re among the many people asking this question, just keep reading because in this context I will be explaining a few ways to deal with it.

1. Plan activities with your partner.

Once in a while, you can plan a picnic or a day out at the Beach where you two can hang out and have fun. If he loves video games, you can get a PS5 for him as a gift. Tell him you want you two to hang out together and play games. Do something fun and trust me, he will always be looking forward to it again.

Don’t just sit down and expect a miracle to happen. If you don’t do anything, things will keep getting worst day by day.

2. Talk to him about how you feel.

Communication is a very vital part of every successful relationship. If neglected, so much can happen within seconds.

Do you feel he is becoming a workaholic? Call him and talk to him heart to heart. During your private moments, emphasize more about his work and the way he relates to him.

If you know the right words to say, you will deal with a workaholic partner and make him see why he needs to prioritize his relationship over his job.

3. Allow him to weigh his options.

After talking to him about his workaholism, allow him to choose which one is important to him.

If he sees the valuable reasons you gave him he will prioritize one over the other. You can only advise someone on what to do, you can’t force them to change.

4. Try to be understanding.

Another way to deal with a workaholic partner in a relationship is to see things from his perspective.

If he spends too much time at home, he might not meet some deadlines he’s supposed to catch up with.

When you should get worried is when he works even on holidays or weekends. Talk to him about leisure time and its importance.

5. Balance your work and love life.

Lastly, you can work on balancing your work and romantic life by making adequate time for work and a separate time for romance.

Romance doesn’t pay the bills but hard work, consistency, and dedication do. Both of you can agree to always have the best time on the weekend or a particular day.

If you have an understanding partner, you can both manage workaholism and still enjoy your relationship. It shouldn’t always be about WORK!!! WORK WORK WORK WORK ( In Rihanna’s voice)

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