how to fix a relationship after a fight


Let’s take a look at how to fix a relationship after a fight.

It is very normal to have disagreements or quarrels in a relationship, so you shouldn’t be too worried when this happens. Every relationship has its own arguments, fights, or ups and downs, and there’s no relationship without these. You shouldn’t be scared when this happens, you should rather be more interested in finding a way to fix your relationship after a fight.

However, there are some fights or arguments which are more serious or deeper than others, which means you have to take extra care in resolving them. And there are fights that leave you wondering if you should end the relationship.

Well, if you are still interested in your relationship then you should be looking for ways to resolve the problem.

Steps For Fixing A Relationship After A Fight

Now, you have had a disagreement with your partner and you don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to approach them and you don’t know what to do to make things right. A fight shouldn’t be the end of a relationship, and should not either be in the way of your happiness in your relationship. So, what you need to do to fix a relationship after a fight is:

-Give each other some space

how to fix a relationship after a fight
need some time

When you are quarreling, and you both are yelling at each other you may end up saying hurtful things you do not mean. Letting the fight or argument go on may lead to more damage, this is why it is important to give each other some space.

You both need that time to calm yourself down, think about what has been said or done, and feel your feelings. At the moment being around each other might make things escalate, so you need to give each other some space. This can help you both get over the anger and hurt. To fix a relationship after a fight, you should consider giving each other some space.

-Allow yourself to feel your feelings

Don’t pretend you are fine after a fight just because you don’t want the fight to continue. Don’t act like you are okay because you are scared of arguments. Feel your feelings, let your anger and pain out till you can feel them no more.

Ignoring them will only make them linger and eventually make you resent your partner. So, you ought to acknowledge your pains or anger. Cry, yell, have some moment to yourself. But do not ignore your feelings.

-Communicate and Listen to each other

how to fix a relationship after a fight

If your relationship does mean a lot to you and you both really want to get over the hurt and pain after your flight, then you need to follow this step. Communication is very important in a relationship and should not be taken for granted. You both need to talk and listen to each other.

Get to know how each other feels about what happened and find a way to resolve the issues. This time you should both engage in a healthy conversation, don’t throw insults at each other, that would only lead to another fight. You should both talk calmly to each other, take responsibility for your actions, and don’t start shifting blames at this point. This step is important if you are looking for how to fix a relationship after a fight.

-Don’t let it become a pattern

how to fix a relationship after a fight
couple arguing

It’s important you learn something from that particular fight, so it doesn’t happen again. You can learn how your partner feels about a certain subject and what to do to avoid it. You need to understand your individual differences and do not let them get in the way of your relationship.

Don’t let the fights become regular or become a pattern or they may end up destroying your relationship. You both have to find a way to hash out your differences and not let them become a norm in your relationship.

If you are both having arguments over the same thing over and over again then you should really take your time to look into it.

How to fix a relationship after a fight is by stopping these issues from becoming a pattern.

-Don’t let it linger for too long

You both should not allow the problem to linger for too long or it may end up tearing you guys apart. Do not give your partner the silent treatment, it may hurt them more or push them to make rash decisions because they feel you do not care.

Make out time to talk about it with each other, resolve the issue and get over it.

Letting it linger can lead to more damage that could have been easily avoided by having a healthy conversation. Take your time to feel your feelings, but you need to also communicate with your partner as soon as possible. Don’t leave each other in the dark about your feelings over your arguments.

Letting it linger can lead to the feeling of resentment, bitterness, and frustration. This is definitely how to fix a relationship after a fight. STARTING A NEW RELATIONSHIP AFTER AN ABUSIVE ONE

-Find a Solution

If the issue can be resolved, then you both have to put your heads together to find a solution. Don’t let it go just like that without finding a solution to it. If you do so, then it’s definitely going to come back to haunt you both. Ensure you both talk about the issue, understand each other’s points of view, and seek solutions together.

The whole point of fighting should be to find a common ground. So, you both should definitely be able to agree on something after the fight. This is one way to fix a relationship after a fight.


-Apologize if you are at fault


If you know deep down that you are the one at fault, then you say you are sorry. Don’t let your pride stop you from accepting your fault and correcting your mistakes. Find your own special way of apologizing to them, so you both can get over it.

What if the issue cannot be resolved?

Some issues or arguments are deeper than others, so you both may find it difficult to get over them. But the whole point of fighting should be to reach an agreement or to finally resolve the issues. But some problems may have been there for a long time and don’t seem to be going away.

You have to both ask yourselves if it is worth losing your relationship over that problem.

Find out how deep this issue is and figure out if one person is willing to make a compromise for the sake of peace.

The problem may not have been resolved because you have decided to swallow your pain for the sake of peace. And you may still be feeling unhappy or sad, which means that issue is still there and may come up anytime.

If you are always the one making compromises in your relationship while your partner does nothing, then there’s definitely no way you could be happy in such a relationship.

You have to decide on your own if you want to continue the relationship or not. Your own feelings matter too, don’t always be the one to make compromises.

Before you decide to end your relationship, you should first try to communicate with your partner. Let them know how you feel and also listen to them too. And see if there can be room for forgiveness or not. It is now up to you to decide if you want to leave the relationship or not, so you don’t continue with the series of fights and quarrels over a specific issue.


There’s no relationship without occasional fights or disagreements, don’t fret when this is happening in your relationship. Rather, you both need to think of a way to fix your relationship after a fight. Don’t be scared of arguments in a relationship. You should only be concerned when you both have frequent arguments and little or no peace. It could be an indication that there is a bigger problem.


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