how to get back to shape after childbirth

Mother and newborn

You just gave birth to your child and your body looks strange to your eyes? How do you get back to shape? what do you need to do to get your body back?

A woman’s body goes through changes during and after childbirth. And while these changes are obvious in some women’s body, for some it is very minimal change. In any way, the female body does change and if you are amongst those who gained weight after child birth, you may be thinking of how to get back to shape. Your body should be your priority just as your new born should be too, so how do you get that pre-baby body back?

Getting back to shape should be solely your decision; once you have decided to get your back then you can start the following;

-Give your body time to heal

There are lots of celebrities who show off their trimmed down post-baby body just after few days or weeks of giving birth. And you may be sad about your post-baby body. But you have to understand that these celebrities have personal trainers that help them achieve this. So, you have to give your body time to recuperate before you start exercising.

-Gradual exercise

After giving your body time to heal-let’s say about six to 7 weeks after childbirth you need to start exercising gradually. You can start by taking short walks but not anything too serious or hectic. It’s important that you don’t feel relaxed or too comfortable in your post-baby body. If you want some changes, you need to put in some efforts.

-Watch what you eat

If you do not watch what you eat but you keep exercising then you are simply wasting your time. You need to cut down on how much food you consume, eat more fruits and avoid unhealthy cravings. Creating a food timetable may help in your weight loss journey. Also make sure your food is balanced and reduce your calorie intake.


Breastfeeding your child helps you to burn substantial amount of calorie every day, but you also need extra calorie for breastfeeding.

-Follow an exercise routine

If you are looking to get your body back after delivery then you should have an exercise routine to help you keep in shape. The exercise shouldn’t be something too hectic for you to handle. Just follow an exercise pattern you are accustomed to and be dedicated to getting that body back.


Rest is very important and should not be taken for granted. Taking care of a new born is not easy but you need to find time to rest your body so you don’t wear yourself out. There should be time for rest in between taking care of your baby and exercising to get back to shape. So, endeavor to rest, for yourself and for the baby.

-Avoid weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements may seem like a great idea to get back to shape quickly but the ingredients in these supplements are not healthy for breastfeeding mother. Just reduce your calorie intake, exercise often and you will gradually get your old body back.

Don’t pressurize yourself into losing weight after child birth, give your body time to heal and follow the tips we have shown you.

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