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Friends can become family, an important part of our lives, people we want to share different moments with. They occupy a special place in our hearts which makes us vulnerable to them. This special relationship can even be more amazing when it is healthy. But a lot of people don’t even know if their friendship is healthy or not. They are so scared of being alone that they are stuck up in toxic relationships with their friends. But how do you know a healthy or toxic friendship?

A healthy friendship positively impacts your mental health and your general well-being, and you shouldn’t take it for granted. You need to work towards a meaningful friendship so you don’t make yourself too vulnerable. A toxic friendship leaves you worn out, frustrated and unhappy. And you shouldn’t have to put up with a relationship that affects your mental health, which is why it is advised to check out those signs that your friendship is toxic or not.

It’s amazing to have friends who genuinely care about you and are always there for you, friends you can call family. And this is something you do not get to enjoy in a toxic friendship. However, you need to know that a healthy friendship isn’t a perfect one, it does have its ups and downs. But at the end of it all, you both care about each other’s happiness.

Signs of a Healthy Friendship

how to know a healthy friendship

A healthy relationship has the following signs :

-You genuinely care about each other

When you both really care about each other, you wouldn’t want to see the other person hurt or in trouble. Seeing them suffer affects you too. Your concern for their welfare is genuine, it comes from the depth of your heart. You are not showing them “Fake love” because of what you stand to gain from the friendship.

But you are always there for them during the good and the bad times. You are there to share their happy and sad moments with them, and they do the same for you. Showing each other genuine love and care is definitely one way to know a healthy friendship.

Your friends shouldn’t be only available when they need your assistance. Good friends are always there for each other. Well, if this isn’t the case then the friendship is certainly not a healthy one.6 WAYS TO IDENTIFY TOXIC FRIENDS

-You trust each other with the truth and your secrets

Where’s the beauty in a friendship without trust and honesty? If your friendship is devoid of trust and truth, then you guys may just be deceiving each other. Friends should be willing to tell each other the truth and also confide in one another.

If you can’t trust your friend or they are never honest with you, then that simply means you can never feel safe with them, which shouldn’t be so. You should be comfortable enough to tell your friend your secret without being scared of having your secrets exposed. You guys can comfortably share secrets and trust each other with them. And you definitely shouldn’t be skeptical to tell your friends the truth. This is one way to know a healthy friendship. 

-They support you

Good friends want to see you succeed, they are always willing to support your dreams and goals. They are there to encourage you, to compliment you and stand by you. This goes a long way to show that they are not jealous of your achievements.

If they are not supportive, then they may just be jealous of you or do not believe in you. And tat should let you know you are in a toxic friendship.

Good friends are always there to congratulate you when you are winning, to encourage you when you are down and help you grow. So, one way to know your friendship is healthy is by figuring out if you have supportive friends or not.  https://scoopempire.com/healthy-friendships-6-important-signs-of-a-good-friend/

-You respect each other’s boundary

Healthy relationships have boundaries and you both should respect that. There’s no meddling in someone’s personal space or trying to exert control on their life choices or decisions. You let them make their choice and decision and you respect each other’s differences. And you advise each other but you do not force them to live their life on your own terms. You both know your boundaries and do not try to cross. It may be issues related to your family or relationship, or certain aspects of your life. So, this is definitely one way to know a healthy friendship. 

-It is “Give and take”

A healthy friendship is not one-sided, it is mutual. You both are ready to put in the work to make the friendship a great one. If you are doing all the work to keep the friendship going, then it is definitely not healthy for you. A healthy relationship is all about “give and take”, it is not lopsided.

Therefore, there has to be mutual respect, mutual understanding, and love for each other. It shouldn’t be about one person trying to please the other one. You both are in it together, giving what it takes to make it a happy one. If it isn’t mutual, then you should know your friendship is not a healthy one. One way to know a healthy friendship is by figuring out if it is mutual or not. 


Toxic friendships can ruin your peace of mind, so you have to do away with them and work towards a healthy one. If your friendship is one-sided, and all you do is give without getting anything in return, you need to rethink that friendship. If you find yourself unhappy or there’s no genuine love, care, or respect in your friendship, then you have to end it for your own good.



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