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How do you leave someone you love? How do you move on when you know your life wouldn’t be the same without them? And what are some reasons to leave someone you love?

You probably have your reasons why you want to leave someone you love, no matter what it is, leaving someone you love isn’t easy. When you love someone they become an important part of your life and losing them is one thing you don’t ever want to think of. And making that decision to leave them is even harder to deal with.

However, there are times you don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment and you have to make some hard decisions for your own good. If someone is no good for you or if you can’t be with them no matter how hard you try, then you need to let them go.

You can decide to leave someone for your own good despite how you feel about them. Or you know your relationship with them is causing more harm than good, then it is up to you to end it.

But of course, it is easier said than done. You are thinking about leaving them but you don’t have the courage to go through with it. Well, we are right here to help you make that hard decision.

If you are looking for how to leave someone you love and move on, you are at the right place.

Steps to Take When Leaving Someone You Love

If you don’t have a clue on how to leave someone you love and move on, then you have come to the right place:

-Accept that you need to move on

The first step to leaving someone you love is accepting that you need to end the relationship in your heart. You need to come to terms with the fact that you would be better off without them. This is the hardest part of leaving someone you love.

But you need to first tell yourself the truth and accept that truth. You have to accept what it means to no longer have them in your life. And no matter how bad it hurts that you have to let go.  Start making your plans to be alone and be ready for your new life. This is how to leave someone you love and move on.

-Be honest with them

how to leave someone you love

You have to let them know you are leaving them and why you can’t continue with the relationship. This means you respect them enough to let them know of your decision. And it also means that you are in control of your emotions, since you can confront them without letting them change your mind.

It also means that no matter how bad you feel, you can still tell them face to face that you need to move on without them. It takes courage to be able to do this. If you can do this, that means you can also face life without them.

What you shouldn’t do is start a new relationship as a way to get over them without first letting them know. You will not only be hurting them, but you will also be hurting yourself. Or it can lead it something worse that you both cannot handle. So, let them know before you leave them.

-Cut them off completely

This is another difficult step to take when deciding to leave someone you love. Accepting in your heart to leave them is one thing but cutting them off completely is totally different. But if you can do this that simply means you are truly ready to move on.

However, if you are still texting, calling, or visiting them then you are simply deceiving yourself that you have moved on. You can’t move on if you are still holding unto them. Let them go completely if you truly wish to move on. And resist the urge to stay friends with them, this may end up causing more damage.

-Focus on the reasons why you need to leave

If your heart is about to grow soft because you love them then you need to remind yourself of the reasons why you need to leave them. Focus on those reasons whenever you feel like backing out of your plan.

You know why you can’t continue with the relationship, let that be what pushes you to finally make that hard decision to leave. Going back on your decision simply means you are willing to accept the relationship the way it was. While focusing 0n your reasons is definitely how to leave someone you love.

-Imagine your life without them

how to leave someone you love

Imagining your life without them can give you the strength to finally leave them. You need to see that you would be in a better space, be happier or be in a better relationship. No matter how painful it is to leave someone you love when you envision your life without them and it is better than what you have with them, then this is how you can leave someone you love. Think of a life without them and become used to that picture.

-Focus on the bright side

Now, you have to focus on the benefits of not having them in your life anymore. You need to stop focusing on the pain and hurt of living without them and start focusing on the bright side of that. You know what you stand to gain if you leave them, focus on that.

Reasons to Leave Someone You Love

You just didn’t wake up and decide to break up with someone you love. There are surely reasons you can’t go on with the relationship no matter how much you love them. Here are some reasons to leave someone you love:

-They are abusive

It’s pretty hard to be in a relationship with someone toxic. Such a relationship is unhappy, unhealthy and frustrating, and even worse when you love them a lot. But staying in such a relationship is only hurting yourself and this is enough reason to leave. It may be difficult to do but you have to realize that your happiness is in your hands, and you can’t be truly happy if you are in a toxic relationship. So, it is left for you to choose between a toxic relationship with someone you love and your happiness.

-They are not what you are looking for in a partner

reasons to leave someone you love

You probably have this idea in your head about the kind of person you want to date and spend the rest of your life with. But the person you are currently with isn’t what you want. It seems like you are managing them and deep down you are not satisfied with the kind of person they are. This may be a reason you don’t want to continue with the relationship. When your partner isn’t ready to move on to the next stage of your relationship, you may begin to see them as the wrong person for you.

Or you are not just okay with the kind of person they are and they are not willing to change for you. And you are constantly doubting if they are the right person for you. This may be a reason to leave someone you love. https://www.ceetimax.com.ng/how-to-know-if-a-guy-is-playing-with-your-feelings/

-They don’t love you enough

When you love someone so much and they are not willing to give you as much love as you give them, you may begin to resent them. You go all out to show someone how much you care about them but they are not willing to do the same. You are putting all the effort to keep the relationship going but they are doing little or nothing. And, now you are tired of giving so much and getting nothing in return. This could be another reason you wish to leave them. SIGNS HE LOVES YOU DEEPLY (6 OBVIOUS SIGNS)

-They keep cheating or hurting you

You have more than enough reasons to leave someone who keeps cheating or hurting you. No matter how much you love them, you have to tell yourself the truth and move on. When someone loves you, they are willing to change their bad behaviors so that they wouldn’t lose you. If this isn’t the case, they are simply selfish or do not love you as much as they claim. So, you have to make up your mind to leave them and move on.

-Personality differences

You both do no agree on a lot of things and it is coming between the two of you. The relationship is unhappy and unhealthy because of these differences and you cannot go on with the relationship. Or you simply feel your partner isn’t the kind of person you want and you want to leave them no matter how much you love them. You both do not understand each other and this is harming your relationship.


You can love someone a lot and still decide to leave them. Your relationship may not be healthy, or they are not ready to commit to the relationship, or you both have personality differences standing in the way of your relationship. Whatever the reason may be when you decide to leave them you have to come to terms with that fact and be ready to move on. It definitely will not be easy but one day you would be happy you had the courage to do it.

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