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Maintaining a long distance relationship can be quite difficult and most people believe that it doesn’t work.  Constantly missing your partner, the lack of physical touch and the extra distance just makes things more complicated. You may even be discouraged by your friends not to continue the relationship. Or you may find new people that interest you which makes it difficult to stay connected with someone you don’t get to see.

Long distance relationship has its disadvantages and advantages, and you can definitely make it work if you really want to. Long distance makes the small things so much sweeter and better. If your relationship is worth it , then you can keep your relationship strong by following these tips:

-Set some boundaries

You guys have to be open about what you expect from each other so neither of you is taken by surprise. If it is an exclusive relationship, then you need to stay loyal to each other. You guys can decide if you are allowed to go on dates with new people. You should also determine your commitment level and just be open with each other.

-See it as opportunity to improve yourself

See this as an opportunity to work on yourself, make new friends and work on yourself. View your long distance relationship as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship more. You both can work on your careers and focus on any other thing happening in your life. Just try not to be too focused on the fact that you guys are apart. You should instead make the most out of it. Learn new things, find new hobbies, go out with friends and have fun.

-Avoid implicating situations

Avoid situations that will make your partner too worried or extra suspicious of you. If you are going for late night outings or going to a club then you should let your partner know. If they are not okay with it, then you shouldn’t do it. Always answer your phone; they might become too worried when they can’t get a hold of you. Don’t make them believe you are doing something they would not approve of.

-Don’t stay apart for too long

HOW TO KEEP A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPTry your best to visit each other often; don’t stay apart for too long. When you visit your partner, you get to do all the things you have been yearning to do. Visits are the highlight of every long distance relationship and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Now you can touch, kiss and be intimate with each other. And every little touch will be magical.

-Be honest with each other

Honesty is very important in every relationship. Talk to your partner about your fears, doubts or insecurities. Don’t keep it all to yourself, it will only make you bitter which is not good for your relationship. Communicate regularly, talk about your problems and let your partner give you any support he can.

A long distance relationship can definitely work if you communicate regularly, do things together, visit each other, enjoy time apart, talk dirty to each other and just stay connected. If you really want that relationship to work, then you definitely need the tips above.

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