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No one wants to deal with the pain that comes with losing someone you love after a breakup. The frustration and devastation that one experiences during a heartbreak are definitely not something anyone wants to go through. So, how do you avoid heartbreak? Can the pain and frustration that come with it be prevented? How do you protect yourself from heartbreak? And what do you do when you are heartbroken?

You can definitely protect yourself from heartbreak, and the good news is that we are right here to help you with what you need to do.

No one should be subjected to the pain and frustration of a breakup. The pain of losing someone you love might affect your mental health, which is why it is necessary to protect your heart. But you can’t decide to isolate yourself or remain single because you are scared of heartbreak. It’s totally human to love and to want to be loved in return. So, the only thing you can do is protect yourself from getting hurt since heartbreak is inevitable.


So, if you are tired of dealing with heartbreaks, you need to pay close attention to this article:

-Don’t lose yourself

Falling in love with someone makes you vulnerable, they become a part of you and you can’t get enough of them. But when you are falling in love, do not lose yourself. Don’t forget who you were before you met them.

A lot of people tend to center their lives around their relationship, and it’s almost as if they have no life without it. When you become too dependent on your partner, breaking up with them will certainly be very painful. If you have separation anxiety when you are not with them, then you will definitely feel worse if the relationship ends.

So, you have to have a life outside your relationship, do those things that make you “You”, have your own friends, and have your own life. Don’t shut others out of life because you are in a relationship.

You need to continue spending quality time with your friends and family too, despite being in a relationship. And you need to learn to give each other space to connect with other people in your lives. So, if you want to protect yourself from heartbreak, not losing yourself is one way to do that.


-Curb your expectations

When you expect too much from the relationship and it doesn’t work the way you planned, it is definitely going to be devastating. Curbing your expectation is definitely one way to protect yourself from heartbreak.

You have to be realistic, don’t make things up in your head about your relationship when the opposite is the truth. If you know the relationship is headed nowhere, you need to accept that. If your partner doesn’t want something serious and you do, continuing with the relationship might not be the best option. Ensure you and your partner are on the same page, talk about what you want from the relationship.

Do not build castles in the air. Be real with yourself about your relationship so you won’t be taken by surprise. Make sure your partner’s energy towards the relationship matches yours.

Do not pretend you are okay with making compromises for the relationship when you are not. Don’t ignore your partner’s bad side because you love them or love the idea of being in a relationship. These bad attitudes you choose to ignore may just be what ends the relationship. Tell yourself the truth about them and your relationship. https://www.theactivetimes.com/healthy-living/lifestyle-wellness/18-ways-protect-your-heart-it-breaks


-Don’t fall for a player

Falling for someone that is known for fooling around is preparing yourself for heartbreak. A player is never serious with anyone, he just goes about breaking hearts and you should be wary of them. So, when you notice that a guy has that sort of reputation, you have to avoid him. There’s little or no chance that you can avoid heartbreak if you decide to date a player.

You shouldn’t start a relationship with him believing he would change for you if he has shown no sign of doing so. If you fall for him eventually, you have just given him the chance to mess with your heart. When you spot those signs that he is a heartbreaker, you need to cut him off. This is one way to protect yourself from heartbreak. 


-Don’t be scared of losing them

Being scared of losing them means you are not sure of the relationship and you are afraid you can’t cope without them. You need to do away with that fear and believe that life goes on with or without them. When you are scared of losing someone then you are not ready to protect yourself from heartbreak.

Just prepare yourself for whatever may happen when the relationship ends. You have to believe you are strong enough to handle it. This, however, doesn’t mean you are eager for a breakup or that you do not value them. It simply means you are strong enough to handle it if it happens, it means you won’t lose your senses if they leave you.

Having that fear of losing them will make you hold onto those feelings when they break up with you, which makes it difficult for you to move on. You have to let off that fear of losing them if you want to avoid heartbreak. They are important to you but it doesn’t mean you have no life without them. HOW DO YOU GET OVER A GUY


-Don’t be too dependent on them

When you are too attached to your partner, it makes you too vulnerable. If everything about your life revolves around them, breaking up with them will definitely be devastating. If you depend on them for money, fun, company, support, and other necessities of life breaking up with them will be a jolting blow to you.

You may discover that you have no life and no way to take care of yourself without them. So, you need to learn to work for your own money so you are not too dependent on them. Have a life outside your relationship.

Don’t lose yourself so you can easily bounce back after a breakup. People who are too dependent on their relationship don’t know where to start after a breakup and often find it hard to move on. Have your own life, friends, money, and hobbies to avoid heartbreak as much as you can.

It may be difficult for you to protect yourself from heartbreak if you are too dependent on your partner. 


What To Do When You Are Heartbroken

when you are heartbroken

We are all humans and we want to be loved and sometimes we fall in love too. You may eventually fall for someone no matter how hard you try not to, which makes you vulnerable to them. Trying hard to protect yourself from heartbreak doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt. But what do you do when you are heartbroken? Do you fight the pain and frustration that come with it or do you let them consume you? When you are heartbroken you need to:

-Give yourself time to grieve, don’t pretend you are okay when you are not. 

-Find what makes you happy. It helps a lot when you are heartbroken.

-Focus on yourself and find  a new source of joy. 

-Cut all communication with your ex and let go!

-Find your support system. Be around people that love and encourage you. 

-Don’t be stuck in the past. When you are heartbroken, your emotions may stop you from moving on to better things, Do not let them.

-Learn your lessons, so you don’t repeat the same mistake again!


There have been a lot of cases about people falling into depression, committing suicide, and doing a lot of crazy stuff because of heartbreak. The truth is no one prays for heartbreak and no one deserves it either. Protecting your heart from getting hurt is necessary. Though falling in love with someone makes you vulnerable, and you would definitely feel pain when you lose that person. But the steps above should help you protect your heart to some extent. And you also need to take it easy on yourself when you are heartbroken. 




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