How to stay away from toxic people


How do you beat a toxic person? How do you stay away from them?

Deciding to stay away from toxic people is often easier said than done. It’s one thing to say you would cut toxic people off and it is another thing to actually do it.

This is even more difficult to do when they are our family members, spouse, or very close friend. You may not know how to go about cutting them off, so you end up coping with their toxicity.

However, having to cope with toxic people is very hard no matter who they are. Toxic people cannot be managed, the best way to handle them is by staying away from them.

You need to understand that the first step to handling toxic people is by identifying them in your life. A lot of people don’t know they have toxic friends, family members, or partners. You may be thinking of ways to beat a toxic person but that isn’t the answer.

These people are present in your life draining your energy, making you unhappy, and manipulating you. And you don’t know what to do because they have made you believe you are the problem.

So, they keep dragging you down to their level and constantly putting you down. And you don’t know how to handle them, well we are right here to help you out.

Why You Should Cut Off Toxic People

why you should stay away from toxic people
emotionally draining moment

There’s probably that one person in your life that leaves you feeling horrible, sad, depressed whenever you interact with them. It may not be all the time but they constantly drain your energy.

They put you down, they make you feel worthless, they are selfish, they have no regard for your feelings and it is affecting every aspect of your life. This is one reason you should stay away from toxic people.

They are there to ruin your happiness and you should not give room to such people in your life. Because your happiness should be a priority to you and toxic people are there to take it away.

When you are not yourself around someone or you are wary of their presence in your life, then this is more than enough reason to do away with them. You know deep down that these people are sucking your energy away gradually, they are ruining your peace of mind, then you shouldn’t wait for anyone to tell you to cut them off.

You need to stay away from toxic people before they lead you to depression, anxiety, or even worse. So if you know someone who is selfish, a hater, jealous, manipulative, or someone who is just draining your energy, then you should cut them off because they are toxic.

Toxic people have so many negative effects on your life and having to deal with them is often worse than hell. An this is why you should cut them off from your life.

How To Stay Away From Toxic People

how to stay away from toxic people
No more

Yes, people are quick to say cut toxic people off but the truth is it is easier said than done. Especially when these toxic people are very close to you and you don’t know how to go about cutting them off. However, cutting them off is a great idea because toxicity cannot be managed, it only spreads. And you need to do something about it before the poison spreads all over your life and leaves you a shadow of yourself. So, how do you handle toxic people be it family members, your partner, or close friend:

-Let them know they are toxic

how to stay away from toxic people

You have to stop pretending that you are okay with their toxic behavior and you need to let them know that they are toxic. Let them know you are not okay with the way they are treating you. You need to look for the perfect opportunity to talk to them about their behavior and encourage them to change. What you shouldn’t do is act like you are okay with their negative traits or accept that you are the problem. If you do so, then you will be in that toxic relationship for a very long time. Let them know so they would have reasons to question their behaviors towards you.

-Find your own defense mechanism

Now, if this toxic person is a family member or your spouse and you don’t know how to cut them off, then you should find your own defense mechanism. This simply means finding a way to distance yourself from those unwanted feelings they make you feel. Not everyone can do this, but you can master it and use it to your own advantage. Just find a way not to be involved in that toxic situation they want to drag you into. Don’t take anything that’s happening too personally, act like they are talking to someone else and not you. This will not always save you because toxic people are very hard to cope with. However, since you have no other choice, you might as well try this out.

-Be Firm

Stop letting toxic people back into your life, learn to treat your happiness as a priority, and cut them off completely. If they are your close friends or partner or even your family member, you can decide to cut all communication with them until they truly change. Don’t be too soft on them or they will continue to use this against you. Break up with them and distance yourself from them until they are willing to become better individuals. Let them know why you are cutting them off and why they can’t be part of your life. This is one way to stay away from toxic people no matter who they are to you. You should put your foot down and let them know you will no longer be humiliated or manipulated.

-Stay Away from them

This remains the best way to handle toxic people. This is because toxic people will pollute anyone around them and they would do so to you if you continue to stay around them. So, to keep their toxic behaviors from affecting you, you need to cut them off completely no matter who they are. If not they would keep draining your energy till you become empty, depressed, and tired of your life. To beat a toxic person the best thing you can do is stay away from them. SELF-CARE TIPS FOR THE AFRICAN GIRL

-Make out time for yourself

If you have to constantly put up with toxic people, the toxicity may eventually get to you if you don’t make out time for yourself. Make room to think about yourself away from all the toxicity and take care of yourself. Talk to yourself often, understand who you are, and don’t let toxic people determine your happiness. You should always make out time to do those things you love and relax. If you don’t, you would be stressed out and vulnerable to their manipulation and toxic behaviors. Practice self-care and learn to put yourself first. Teach yourself to accept that you deserve peace and happiness as an individual. https://www.marriage.com/advice/domestic-violence-and-abuse/psychological-abuse/

How To Beat A Toxic Person

A toxic person may be driving you crazy but thinking of beating that person is only playing into their reality. Instead of thinking of ways to beat them, you should be more concerned about how badly they are affecting you. The best way to beat a toxic person is to stay away from them. Don’t become toxic towards them, don’t let them get into your head. To Beat a toxic person:

-Stay away from them till they have truly changed

-Don’t be scared to let them know they are toxic.

-Start making your plans on how to leave them so you can build happier life without them.

-If you have no choice but to stay with them, then do not let them get to you no matter how hard they try. 

-Remember you are not at fault no matter how hard they try to pin the responsibility of their actions on you.


The best way to handle toxic people is to cut them off, toxicity cannot be managed because it pollutes whoever comes in contact with it. So, once you have identified those toxic people in your life then you should try out the steps above to help you deal with them. Trying to beat them at their own game is not advisable. Don’t become them! Remember to put yourself first, remember to take care of yourself at any little opportunity that you can. 



















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