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How To Tell Him I Like Him: 9 Sure Ways

how to tell him you like him

Sometimes we have no control over who we choose to like, it just happens unexpectedly. It may be a stranger or your long-time friend but you certainly know you feel different around that person.  Now, you find yourself asking how do I tell him I like him?

Should I walk up to him and let him know how I feel or Should let him take a hint from my actions?

Well, you will find answers to your questions here:


9 Sure Ways To Tell Him You Like Him

9 sure ways to tell him you like him

It’s never really easy for women to tell a guy they like how they feel because women often wait for the guy to make the first move. But waiting around for him to make the first move may be losing your opportunity to start something beautiful with him.

So, whether you are shy or bold enough to tell a guy you like him, here are ways to go about it:

-Be bold enough to walk up to him

If you know deep down that you like this guy and he has no commitment to someone else, you should tell him how you feel. This could be your best move and things may fall in place sooner than you expect.

But before you do this, you need to realize that he may not feel the same way about it. With that at the back of your mind, be ready to accept whatever his response may be.

-Show that you are interested in him

You like him

If you can’t tell a guy you like him with words, then you can as well show it with your actions. Smile and laugh often when you are with him so he would know you feel relaxed and happy around him. Take an interest in getting to know him and what he loves doing.

Pretending you don’t like him when you do may not work out well for you. Therefore, you should make it obvious you enjoy being around him.

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-Look your best

When you are not looking good or attractive you may not be able to hold his attention for long. It doesn’t mean you have to be vain just to get his attention. This simply implies looking your best because this will help boost your confidence.

Take proper care of your face and body, and make sure you always smell nice.

-Spoil him

One effective way to tell a guy you like him is by spoiling him. Buy him something nice, always compliment him, cook him something nice, and do stuff for him.

However, you must not overdo things, and you must not allow your emotions to control you. Know when to stop getting him stuff or doing things for him, especially when you have figured out he has no interest in reciprocating your feelings.

-Be close to him

ways to tell him you like him

You need to draw close to him, learn to listen to him, and have simple conversations with him. This could lead to him realizing that he likes you too. Talk about things you have in common, and you’ll gradually become more at ease with each other.

So, you have to find a way to spend a lot of time with him, so he could also take the hints that you like him. Get to know him, so it wouldn’t be difficult to approach him with your feelings.

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-Flirt with him

One way to tell him you like him is by flirting with him. Touch your hair when he is talking to you, smile a lot and maintain eye contact with him.

You can also ask him for help because men love it when they are needed. Lean close to him, touch him in a safe and comfortable way. And do not forget to compliment him.

This tip is for girls who are looking for a subtle way to tell a guy they like him. If you are bold enough to tell him straight up then there’s no need for these theatrics. But of course, dropping hints could be a way to know if he does like you too.

-Ask him if he is single

This approach is a direct but subtle way to let him you are interested in him. He should get the hint that you like him when you ask this question.

-Be confident

How to him I like him? Well, get ready to show off your confidence and he would definitely notice you. Flirting with him needs your confidence to accomplish it smoothly. You can’t really tell a guy you like him if you are not confident about yourself.

Your confidence will definitely get you noticed.

-Be Yourself

You might want to go out of your way to let a guy know you like him. But it may not be such a good idea if you lose yourself in the process. Don’t try to be someone you are not just because you want to impress him.

If he can’t like the original You then he is not worth it.


What Happens When You Express Your Feelings To Him?

You have admitted that you like him and also told him how you feel, but now you are wondering what next?

Two things will probably happen next, he will either reciprocate your feelings or you may be rejected. You just need to be ready for any possible outcome. If he likes you back that means you both can start something beautiful together.

But before you get to this extent you need to be certain you actually do like him. Assess your feelings and make sure you are making the right move.

However, when you tell a guy you like him and he doesn’t feel the same you have to be ready to deal with rejection. Being rejected does not mean you are not good enough, it simply means they are not the person for you.

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Therefore, you need to accept the rejection and try to move past it.

If he doesn’t give you any feedback it could also be an indication that he doesn’t like you. You may be receiving mixed signals from him too if he doesn’t know how to respond to your liking him. This isn’t the time to keep flirting with him or forcing him to make a decision. You have tried your best, let him make a move too.






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