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Have you found the woman after your heart but she doesn’t feel the same way about you yet? Or you probably don’t know how to go about winning over the woman of your dreams? Or you are simply the shy type and don’t know the first thing about winning a woman’s heart. And you are probably wondering what you need to do to win over a woman’s heart and you have no idea how to get started. You know what? You have nothing to worry about, we have got you covered on that.

Winning over a woman’s heart is easy if only you can understand that a woman is a human with emotions and not some prize to be won in a contest. Therefore, you have to first understand that woman to determine what you need to do to win her over. So. it’s time to stop wondering how to win over her heart and start acting!

How Do You Win Over A Woman’s Heart?

Pay close attention to these tips because they may just be what you need to get that lady to fall for you:

-Be attentive and caring

win over a woman's heart
win her heart

Women love men who pay attention to them, who listen to them, and treat them like they matter. If you truly want to win over a woman’s heart, this is one step you shouldn’t ignore. Let her know you appreciate her, let her know you have her best interests in heart.

Listen to her when she talks and let her know you value her thoughts and words. Make her feel special, make it obvious you only have eyes for her. If you can keep this up, then you are on your way to making her yours.

One thing you should never do is neglect her feelings or thoughts, this will only make it harder for you to penetrate her heart. If you want to win over a woman’s heart then you need to follow this step.

-Always compliment her

win over a woman's heart
Compliment her

No matter how tough a woman is, compliments can soften her heart or make her let her guard down. Make it a habit to always compliment her with words or your actions, or in your own way. Just make it obvious that she has captured your heart and that you find her attractive.  You can win over a woman’s heart with your words and gestures.

Compliment her in ways that would make her feel confident and attractive. And even in a room filled with women, let her know you have got eyes only for her. AFRICAN GIRL’S GUIDE TO MAKING A MAN FALL FOR YOU

-Be her friend

win over a woman's heart

If you really want to win over a woman’s heart then you should be ready to be her friend. She’s likely to relax around you when you are her friend. She begins to feel safe and comfortable when you are around.

You have to really get to know her and one way you can do that is by being her friend. Find those things that really matter to her and do it for her. Talk about things that interest her, let her feel you guys can get along.

Women love people they can talk to without feeling awkward. And becoming her friend is one way you can get her to let her guard down. So, do fun things with her, take her to places she loves, have great conversations with her, and just be her friend.

-Let her know you are serious about her

win over a woman's heart

Now, you can never completely win over a woman’s heart if you do not make your intentions clear. You can be her friend all you want but if you do not tell her how serious you are about her, you would be stuck in “Friend Zone”. So, you need to make your intentions obvious right from the beginning.

Let your actions and words show that you truly want her and only her. She would definitely start falling for you if she finds out you have her best interests in mind. the only way you can claim her is for you to tell her how you feel about her. So, you shouldn’t shy away from how you feel about her, be bold about it. Let her know where she stands in your life.

-Understand and respect her

If you are truly serious about winning over a woman’s heart, you certainly have to understand her kind of person. If you can understand her and those things that hold meaning to her, you would know the best way to get to her heart.

You need to also respect her opinions, her thoughts, and her feelings. This is definitely one important step you should not ignore. Women have feelings, wishes, and desires, if you can get to know these then you have the key to her heart. One way to win over her heart is to understand and respect her.  https://www.wikihow.life/Make-a-Woman-Happy

-Surprise her

 win over a woman's heart


Giving her surprise gifts is definitely one way to win over her heart. Of course, this would make her feel very special and you should take advantage of this. Don’t get just any gift for her, find out what she likes and the kind of gifts that would be meaningful to her.

Another way you can surprise her is by cooking her favorite meal, writing her a letter, or creating something special just for her. Surprise her with beautiful or meaningful gifts in whatever way you can. When she least expects it, get her something that would brighten up her day. Surprising her with gifts is surely one way to win over a woman’s heart. 

-Be attractive

This is probably one of the first steps to winning a woman over and can also go a long way to determine if she would eventually fall for you. So, you need to dress attractive, smell nice and be confident about yourself.

You can’t win a woman’s heart if you look shabby or unkempt, neither will you win her over if you smell awful. Therefore, you need to always look your best, look approachable, and look confident. Know the right words to say to turn her on. Have a great sense of humor and get her to relax around you. So, if you want to win over a woman’s heart then you need to look good always. 

Winning that woman’s heart shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Just follow the tips above to make her yours forever!


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