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Is She The One? 7 Undoubtable Signs That She Is

Is she the one? How do you know you have found the one?

If you are asking these questions, it only means one thing- you are falling for someone. It means that you have found someone who makes you feel special, the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Or maybe you are not so sure you have and that is why you are here.

Deciding to take that huge step in settling down with just one person is never easy. No one wants to make the mistake of falling for the wrong person and having to live a miserable life because of that. So, when you are falling in love you want to make sure you are falling for the right person. This is because falling for the wrong person means hurting yourself. Though it is human to love and want to be loved, no one wants to be vulnerable to someone that would hurt them.

Deciding if she is the one for you doesn’t have to be so hard since we have just the signs you need to check out. So, if you want to be sure she is the woman for you, you need to pay close attention.

How To Know  If she is the one

is she the one

If you are wondering if you have found the one for you, then you have come to the right place to clear your confusion. Here are 7 obvious signs that she is the one.

-You are genuinely happy

You know you have found the one for you when she makes you happy. The thought of seeing her or being around her gladdens your heart. And you love spending quality time with her and you feel at peace with her. You are not just happy but you can also be yourself around her. You trust her and also have a lot of confidence in your relationship. You feel safe around her and you know she has no intention of hurting you. This doesn’t mean she won’t piss you off from time to time, but you know deep down that she wants your happiness.

-You want her to be a part of your life

If you have gotten to the stage where you want a life only with her then you have found the one for you. And you can’t make future plans without including her. Or whenever you visualize your life in years to come she’s always in the picture then she’s the one for you. However, you need to make sure she does feel the same way about you. Don’t assume she wants a life with you because you do. If you’re sure she wants you as much as you do, then she is the one for you.


-You are afraid of losing her

The thought of losing her is one you never want to think about and you are ready to do what it takes to keep her. You show her how committed you are to the relationship and you put in the effort to make her feel loved and special. And you don’t for once make her doubt her place in your life. You know in your heart that you want her and only her, and you don’t hesitate to let her know. She’s that special person in your heart and you want every other person to know how you feel about her. Your friends, family, and others all know you have found the woman for you.

-She makes you feel special

You are not just another man to her, and she makes this obvious with the way she treats you. She treats you like a priority and you feel really special around her. She has got her eyes on you alone and she is proud to call you her man. And you certainly feel proud to be hers. You can’t really describe how she makes you feel but you know it is no ordinary feeling. It is very different from how you feel about other women. This is definitely one sign that she is the one for you.

-You are willing to improve for her

When you genuinely love someone you are willing to change certain aspects of your life for them. If you do feel this way then there should be no doubt that you have found the woman for you. If you are willing to be better for her, then you really do love her. So, you no longer have to wonder if she is the one because she is. You are willing to make these sacrifices because you really want to. So, you are happily making these changes in your life and not because you are being forced.

-She understands you

You know you have found the one for you if she truly understands you. She is just like your best friend and you feel safe with her. She’s not in the habit of putting you down or making you feel unhappy. Rather she’s there to comfort you when you are down. And even when others turn their backs on you, she’s right there for you. She listens, understands, and cares about you. She understands your feelings and you know she’s just the right one for you. You are compatible both physically and emotionally.  You are drawn to each other.

-You only want her

One way to know she’s the one for you is if you are no longer interested in other women. You only think about being with her and no other woman. She has a special place in your heart and you are committed to your relationship with her.  And you love to support and take care of her. Now, you want her to know you only want her because you don’t want to lose her.

What To Know About Finding The one

Finding the one for you doesn’t mean your relationship would be totally smooth or sweet all the time. A relationship is not just fun and games, it is also hard work. You have to bear in mind that no relationship is perfect, so don’t lose hope when you face certain challenges.

The one for you would understand, respect, and care about you but it may not always be this awesome all the time. What is most important is that you both want each other and are willing to put in the work.

There’s definitely something different about meeting the one for you, you feel amazing and special. Therefore, you shouldn’t take that person for granted, let her know how important she is to you.

Don’t assume she feels the same about you just because you do. Talk to her about your feelings and make sure you are both on the same page.

If you want to find the one for you, you have to open up your heart to love. You also have to pay attention to the signs to know when you have found the one.


Deciding to finally settle down with just one woman is not an easy one. But when you do find the one for you it becomes the best decision you have made. You should have no problem figuring out if she is the one for you since the answer to that question is right here.

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