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No Response is a Response: 5 Ways To React To “No Response”

no response is a response

No one likes it when they send someone a message and there’s no answer, it leaves you wondering what the silence means. Your mind is filled with so many questions trying to decipher the meaning of the “no response”.

Well, I’m here to tell you that no response is a response too. Now, it is left for you to decide what the response means depending on the situation.

The No response often leaves you wondering if you asked the wrong question or if you texted at the wrong time. Well, the fault isn’t from you, you are asking the right questions but they are not responding for reasons best known to them.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people don’t respond to your text.

What Does No Response Mean?

what does no response mean

No response carries a lot of weight, it could mean different things and yet nothing. It leaves you with so many unanswered questions like “Did they see my message?” “Did I say something wrong?” and others. Well, it is time to stop thinking it is all your fault and start seeing it this way:

They don’t want to talk to you about that topic

Maybe they are simply telling you that whatever you texted about isn’t something they want to discuss.  No answer is indeed a response, so their silence may be telling you that they don’t want to venture into that topic with you.

So, what do you do about this?

Stop texting them, sending more and more messages will only add to your worries and probably be a nuisance to them too. If you have noticed they don’t want to talk about that topic, then let them be. Being too pushy may not get you the response you so badly need.

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They don’t want to talk to you

If they don’t respond it could mean they do not want to talk to you. So, if you have waited for hours to get a reply from them and there’s none forthcoming, then they may be indirectly telling you they don’t want to talk.

Once you notice that someone you keep texting never responds to, then you need to stop texting. Whether they are your friends, lover, or an acquaintance.

Texting them over and over again even when they are responding may signify that you are desperate for their attention. And when you make that obvious they would continue to take you for granted.

So, you have texted them once, twice and even the third time and they keep giving you no answer as a response, well it is time to stop texting.

They have no reply

No response may also simply be no response. Sometimes there is no added meaning to it. Maybe they haven’t received your text message or maybe they have but don’t know how to respond. They may be battling within themselves to find the right answer.

So, don’t overthink a ” no response”, sometimes no answer doesn’t have an extra meaning added to it.  What you need to do is give them some time, they may eventually have an answer for you. Alternatively, try coining the question in another way to see if they get you this time.

As I previously stated, the meaning of “no-reply” varies depending on the situation.

They may also have no reply because they don’t know to respond to social cues or small talks. Thus, they may just be wondering what it is you want them to say to you.

You are not worthy of their time or attention

No response is a response and a powerful one at that. So, when they are not responding to your text, they may be indirectly telling you that you are not worthy. They could simply be telling you that you are not a priority to them, which could have an impact on your mental health if they are important to you.

No response is a response. They are not treating you with the same respect that you treat them, so you have to stop belittling yourself by constantly reaching out to them. No answer as a response is a cue that you need to stop trying to make people like you.

If you were important to them, they would not leave your message unanswered.

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 How Do You Respond When There’s No Answer?

no answer as response, what to do about it

It can be frustrating to get no response after you have sent messages to someone. It can make you question your self-worth because it makes you feel like you are not good enough. Or makes you feel like you have to try too much to impress someone else.

No one deserves to be ignored or treated like they don’t matter. So it’s up to you to convince yourself that you deserve so much more than someone you have to beg or force to talk to you.

The anxiety that comes with getting no answer to your messages isn’t good for anyone’s mental health. And you can put a stop to it by giving people the same energy they give you.

Don’t double text when someone ignores your message. Doing so only indicates that you are desperate for their attention and that wouldn’t do you any good.

Remind yourself that you deserve more than a “no response”.  Practice self-love and self-care. Without practicing self-love and self-care, you wouldn’t know what you deserve and what you don’t. You would be willing to settle for less and that only damage your self-esteem and ruin your happiness.

However, if you stand your ground and say no to being treated poorly, you protect yourself from a lot of negativity and toxicity. If you keep accepting their toxic behavior, then they will not stop hurting you.

Give them time. Depending on your relationship with them you need to give them some time to give you an answer. No response doesn’t necessarily mean they are rejecting or ignoring you.  It may also mean that they are not in a good place in their lives or simply need some space.

You can be an understanding person by trying to gain clarity from a “no answer” response.


No response is a response but you need to take your situation into consideration when deciphering the meaning.

Silence does carry a lot of weight and no one deserves to carry the burden that comes with it. The restlessness that comes with wondering what someone’s silence means.

So, if they are fond of giving a “no response” as an answer to your texts then maybe it is time you stopped texting them.

Stop putting yourself in situations where you have to constantly worry about someone mistreating you. If they are threatening your peace of mind, you should cut them off.

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