Anxiety can be caused by a whole lot of things, from the death of a loved one, relationship or marriage problems, financial stress to other personal problems or it could be caused by no obvious reasons. Though it is totally human to feel anxious, tense or depressed it is very important not to allow anxiety linger. Overcoming anxiety is very necessary if you want to protect yourself from mental health problems. Anxiety can lead to restlessness, irritability, and loss of self-confidence, heart attack, depression and even death. However, we are not here to talk about all the ugly sides of anxiety, but to talk about the necessary steps you need to take to overcome anxiety.

Steps for Overcoming Anxiety

You have to try your best to fight off anxiety, don’t let it become a part of your life. Here are some tips you need for overcoming anxiety:

-Breaking the anxiety cycle

If you find yourself worrying a lot, feeling anxious or tense most of the time then you need to work on breaking the anxiety cycle. All you have to do is consciously snap your mind off wandering into worries or problems, by either focusing your mind on happier or less serious issues. So, you need to work hard on controlling your mind from worrying all the time. Find a way to stop yourself from thinking of your problems all the time or find a way to block out those negative thoughts. Worrying too much doesn’t really change anything, it only wears you out and leaves you even more disturbed.

-See a therapist

In Nigeria, we often do not take issues like therapy serious and people just end up wallowing in depression with no one to talk to. You should make it a practice to see a therapist or psychiatrist when your anxiety is becoming worrisome. These professionals will help you overcome whatever mental health challenge you are facing. And this could be just the solution you need to free your mind. You should take this step when you have tried other ways of overcoming anxiety and they didn’t work. What you might just need is someone to talk to, someone who would help you deal with these negative thoughts.

-Set daily goals and accomplish them

Daily goals should help keep your mind occupied and satisfied. These goals may not necessarily be long term or difficult goals; it could be as simple as accomplish a house chore just to keep your mind happy. Just make a list of things you want to accomplish and try to get them done. accomplishing these tasks can make you feel good about yourself and can also help to keep your mind busy. So, do not stay idle, find something you want to accomplish and do just that. This is one important step in overcoming anxiety that you should always try out.

-Tackle the problem

Running away from the problem won’t help you overcome anxiety, so the best thing you can do for yourself is face the problem. If it is a financial issue or relationship problem or whatever, you need to address the problem and start looking for solutions too. Tackling your problem may just be the solution you need to your anxiety. With your problems always lingering in your mind, you may not have peace of mind. The best thing to do is face them so you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Therefore, overcoming anxiety may also mean facing those problems that are making you anxious or worried.

-Interact with people

When most people are passing through anxiety or depression, they often feel like shutting the rest of the world out. Well, this is not the time for you to be all alone; spending time alone will only give you more room to focus on your worries or problem. So get out there and interact with people. And it will be much better if these people are contributing positive energy in your life. Spend time with your friends, family members or partner, don’t be all by myself. Make sure these people put you at ease and do not add to your problem. This is definitely one important step that can help you in overcoming anxiety. https://www.verywellmind.com/how-can-i-stop-worrying-so-much-2583982

-Try relaxation techniques

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of relaxation activities like meditation or yoga. These techniques can help to slow your body and mind, which helps you to relax and overcome anxiety. Find time to fix in meditation exercise or yoga to help you relax your mind so you can make better decisions. Create your own time to reflect on your decisions or actions, so you can learn from them. You should have your own time to relax, time to declutter your thoughts and focus on the positive aspect of life. 7 WAYS TO RELIEVE STRESS 


Anxiety is no good for your mental health, which is why you need to make conscious effort to overcome anxiety. So, do not ignore those problems or pretend they do not exist, tackle them and free yourself of them. And the tips above should definitely be of great help to you.


  1. Yes! These are excellent strategies for handling anxiety. Especially the stopping the cycle of harmful thinking. The brain can be convinced of anything so give it something good to focus on!

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