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Balancing family time, work and other commitments can be such a struggle that you may have no time to bond with family. Trying to squeeze in time for your family in between work and other responsibilities can be difficult. And oftentimes you don’t get the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, your spouse, your siblings, and your parents. Makes you wonder if you are doing enough to make your kids feel secure. Or if you are giving your family the attention and love they need. Well, you are not alone on this.

People do grow up, move out of their parent’s homes to start a new life and most times get consumed by work that they have little or no time to bond with their siblings and parents. However, family time is an amazing way to show that you care about each other and that family is important. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you need to make out time to bond with your family. So, how do you spend quality time with your family? Let’s dive in to find out:

Ways To Spend Quality Time With Family

– Go For Vacations

Who doesn’t love vacations? Vacation is just the perfect time to have fun and create amazing memories. And what better way to spend quality time with your family if not on a vacation? You can tour new places, play games together, do awesome things together and take awesome photos for future reference. Simply choose a perfect time during the holidays so that everyone can make it. Then you all can relax sharing old family stories and creating new memories. On vacations, you don’t have to think about work, so you have enough time to catch up with your family. FUN WAYS TO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS


Now, if your siblings no longer live in the same place as you, probably because they are married or working, then visiting them is a great way to bond with them. Calling and texting may not be enough sometimes, which means you guys have to make out time for visiting. Therefore, you need to clear your schedule and spend the weekend with your loved ones. You can share a meal together, go outing together, or just bond by sharing family stories. This is definitely one way to spend quality time with your family. HOW TO RENEW YOUR BOND WITH YOUR FRIENDS

-Attend Family events

Is it someone’s birthday? child dedication? wedding ceremony, promotion, or any events involving your family coming together? Then you should make it a habit to always attend. Celebrate and appreciate each other, let them know you will always be there for them. Therefore, you should always make out time to attend these family events so you can bond with one another and create beautiful memories. Together, you can cook family meals and talk about happy family moments over dinner. This is a great way to spend quality time with your family, you get to see them and be part of their lives.

-Schedule Family meetings

A family meeting is just the perfect time for family discussions and you should take advantage of this to bond. As a family, you need to talk about issues concerning your family and put heads together to create solutions. It is also a time to share family stories and laugh or talk about them. This goes a long way to show that you all care about your family’s future and progress. You get enough time to bond with your family and make some more memories.

-Make out time to call your parents or siblings

No matter how busy you may be, it is really important to call your siblings or parents to say hello. It is truly a nice gesture that reminds them that you think and care about them. So, before the day runs out, pick up your phone and call your loved ones. let them know you do care about them. It only takes a few minutes or seconds to check upon them, and let them know you think about them. Spend quality time with them by calling them to know what is going on in their lives. It may not be too much but it is enough to make them know you value them.

-Create a group chat

Create a group chat for everyone to stay connected with each other. With a group chat, you can communicate with every member of your family at the same time. Use stickers, Gifs to express yourself better and share videos and photos of events happening in your life. You can get to spend quality time with your family through a WhatsApp group chat. https://familiesforlife.sg/discover-an-article/pages/30-ways-to-spend-more-family-time.aspx

Time slips by while you are trying to juggle your daily activities and other commitments, which makes it difficult to make out time for other things. However, we have to agree that family time is important to strengthen your family bond, which is why you need to follow the steps above.


  1. Definitely great tips for staying connected! I only just saw my family for the first time in a year. We’ve relied so much on virtual to stay connected, just being able to see them was amazing. I can’t wait to start planning more get togethers for that close in person connection I’ve been missing!

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