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We all know first dates can be pretty awkward. Meeting someone for the first time and trying to know if you guys are compatible can be nerve-wracking. You may not know how to balance small talks and other important first date questions.  Or your nerve may get the best of you and make you blurt out things you don’t wish to. Asking certain questions can make the date seem awkward and may lead to an abrupt end of the relationship. So, you should be mindful of the questions you ask.

Well, there are no rules to how one should behave on a first date, however it is important to give a good impression. You don’t want to be too invasive, you have to take your time to get to know your date without offending them. So, if you are wondering what questions you shouldn’t ask on a first date then this is just for you.

-How did your previous relationship end?

This is one question you definitely shouldn’t ask on a first date. You should be getting to know each other not interrogating each other. Questions like this are sensitive and should be avoided on a first date. Just give it time or allow them open up to you. It may be too painful a topic for them to discuss with someone they are just meeting for the first time.

-How many people have you slept with

Not only is this question inappropriate for a first date, it is also offensive. They are not obligated to tell you how many people they have slept with because it is nobody’s business. Asking this sort of question can make them lie to your face or keep their guard up. It may make some them feel that you are judging them which makes the date awkward. Don’t put them on a spot.

-How much money do you make?

You should be trying to know your date’s hobbies or  personality not interrogate them about their finance. Asking this question will make it seem like you are being intrusive. You don’t want your date having the wrong impression about you so you need to leave questions like this out. Your salary or finance shouldn’t be a topic of discussion on a first date.

-Where do you see this relationship in the future?

It is too early for this question, so try not ask such an awkward question. Asking this question makes you look desperate and no one wants that. So, give it  time, flow with each other and see where the relationship goes.. When it is time to ask this question you would know and it is definitely not on a first date.

-Why are you still single?

Now asking someone this question on a first date may make your date feel you think something is wrong with them. It may seem harmless, but your date may believe you feel they are the problem or the reason for their singlehood. You should try to avoid this question even if it is unintentional. HOW TO KEEP A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP

Try as much as possible to make your first date fun, flow with the conversations and avoid sensitive topics. Don’t ask questions that would make your date keep their guard up or feel uncomfortable.

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  1. That was an interesting read! I would be totally put off if someone asked on the first date about my previous relationship or why you’re still single! Thanks for sharing x

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