safety tips to take on a date with a stranger

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Meeting someone you don’t know for the first time can make you feel anxious and scared at the same.  You may also feel you know them enough since you have been chatting online, but you need to take some precautionary steps to ensure your safety.

When you have dated someone online for a while, you may need to meet each other physically to know if you are compatible and if you want to continue the relationship. However, you need to stay safe while doing this. If someone is a stranger to you that means you don’t know them so well to be too comfortable with them or to let your guard down around them. There are of course lots of stories about people who have been killed or harmed while on dates with strangers. This is why you need to pay close attention to these tips because your safety matters:

-Cross check your date’s authencity

It is very essential you know for sure who you are going on a date with. You need to ensure that they are not lying about who they are. This is one important precautionary step you should not take for granted. Do a check on them, check their social media accounts, dig deeper to make sure you know enough about them.

-Choose a place you are comfortable with

If you are meeting someone for the first time, the location for the date should be somewhere you are comfortable with. The place should be a neutral place that is accessible to your home and maybe his too. Ensure the place is an open place or somewhere you know. No harm will most likely come to you in an open place. So when choosing the location, choose an open place. HOW TO START A NEW RELATIONSHIP

-Inform your family or friends about the date

This is one important step you shouldn’t take for granted.  Don’t be secretive about your date with a stranger, let your friends or siblings know who you are going on a date with and where the date is taking place too. This way they would know what to do when you are not back home on time and who to look for if any harm comes to you.

-Don’t leave your drink or food unattended

There are colorless and odorless date rape drugs that make you lose consciousness and who knows what might happen next. And this is why it is important not to leave your drink or food unattended.

-Be alert and trust your instincts

Try your best not to let your guard down around them, we know it is a date and you may want to loosen up but you need to however, stay alert for your safety. Don’t drink too much and if your gut is telling you that something is wrong then you need to listen to it. If you feel uncomfortable with your date, just take your leave.

-Take your own transport fare

Don’t just expect your date to handle all the bills down to your transportation fare. With your transport fare you can leave whenever you want or if things get awkward.

To avoid making yourself extremely vulnerable to a stranger, you need to follow these tips. It’s a date and you want to have fun, Yeah we know! But you need to bear in mind that your safety is priority.

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  1. The dating world is so different when you’re not a man, although there can still be risk for men too of course. It sucks that there’s a need for such safety tips. Great advice though

  2. These are excellent reminders for people in the dating scene. Always do your research on new people, romantic relationships, or otherwise. Stay safe out here!

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