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You’ve probably been through a lot in relationships that you feel like giving up on love. Relationships can bum  you out to the point where you feel hopeless and exhausted. And you begin to ask yourself questions like “should I give up on love?” “would I ever find the one?”. And all you want to do is shut the door on love and never give it another chance.

There are lots of reasons you may be feeling like giving up on love. You may be feeling this way because you’ve been through series of horrible relationships, where you either ended up being dumped or dumping someone, and you are just fed up. Or maybe you have been in a long-term relationship that ended very badly. Or you find yourself in a relationship where you are not treated with love or respect. And all these are pushing to give up on love for good.

But no matter how much you’ve been hurt in love you should never give up on love. Love is a beautiful thing and giving on love is letting the light go dim in your life. It only gives room to hopelessness, feeling empty, and losing that spark that makes life beautiful. In the absence of love, all you have is a negative outlook on life.

And you have to understand that giving up on someone you love and giving up on love is not the same thing. So, you may end a relationship with someone you love but that doesn’t mean you should give up on love. You should still have that hope and belief that you would find love again someday. https://thehimalayantimes.com/opinion/love-is-beautiful

Now, let’s look at the reasons you shouldn’t give up on love

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up On Love

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It’s not so easy to keep holding onto the belief that you would find love someday, but no matter how hard it is giving up on love isn’t the solution. Here are the reasons you shouldn’t even consider giving up on love:

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-You would feel empty in any relationship

Once you give up on love, you would never feel happy in any relationship. All you would have in that relationship is doubt, fear, emptiness, and unhappiness. You no longer feel that spark that makes a relationship fun, exciting, or beautiful. You may like the idea of being in the relationship but you would never feel like part of that relationship. And you keep expecting your partner to hurt you and you feel insecure with them.

-You settle for less

Since you have nothing to look forward to in a relationship you are ready to settle for anything. You deserve a relationship where you are loved, admired, appreciated, and respected. But when you give up on love, you don’t feel you deserve these things. And this means you are ready to accept just anything relationship. But when you still believe in love, you know what you want in a relationship and that you deserve love.

-It changes you

When you close your heart to love, it affects different areas of your life. You are no longer optimistic, hopeful, or happy. It even affects your mental health. And you find it hard to socialize with others and you may end up being depressed, stressed, or just tired of life. You have this negative outlook on life and you no longer believe anyone is capable of love.

-Love can happen anytime

This is one reason you shouldn’t give up on love because you don’t know when love might happen. You have to be hopeful and ready to embrace love when it does finally come. Don’t shut your heart because you’ve been hurt or because you have had no luck in love. It is never too late to find love if only you give it a chance. However, when you keep your heart shut against love, you may end up taking it for granted when it does come.

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-Life’s too short not to give love a chance

You certainly should let yourself enjoy all the beautiful things life has got to offer. And love is certainly one of those beautiful things. You should live and love, no matter how badly you’ve been hurt you should never say no to the good things in life. You need to give yourself a chance to love and be loved because life’s too short not to enjoy these things.

How Do I Stop Giving Up On Love

If you are feeling tired and disappointed with love, then you need to remind yourself why you shouldn’t give up on love.

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Remind yourself of how beautiful love is. Try to remember how you felt the first time you fell in love and how it made you feel. Forget about the horrible and hurtful parts of being in love and focus on the beauty. Take a trip down memory lane and hold onto those beautiful memories of love.

Give others a chance to love you, even though you’ve been hurt before. To remind yourself of what love feels like, you need to allow others to show you, love. You need to remember what it feels like to be in love.

Draw your inspiration from other couples you admire. We know there’s no perfect relationship however, there may still be a couple you look up to and love how they love each other. You should focus on how beautifully they love each other when you feel like giving up on love. It may be your parents, your friend’s relationship, or a beautiful couple online. Try not to think about the negative part of their love and focus on what makes it exceptional.

Keep holding to that belief that love is indeed beautiful. Once you let go of this belief then you are simply turning back on love. So no matter how much you’ve hurt in love, don’t ever believe it is horrible or a waste of time. Believe in love and one day you would definitely find love.


No matter how much love has hurt you, you should never give up on love because love can happen anytime. But it is important not to be desperate to find love. Just keep your heart open and keep living your life with the belief that one day you would find the one for you.

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