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Signs a guy doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship

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Signs a guy doesn't know what he wants in a relationship

The question most people are asking these days is what are the signs a guy doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship?

Well, one of the signs you should take note of in a guy who doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship is that he doesn’t find anything wrong with flirting with other girls.

Most times he is always confused about things regarding your relationship and so on.

Today, I will be listing a few signs to know whether the guy you’re dating or about to date knows what he wants in that relationship.

a full-grown man should be able to make decisions for himself. but if it’s contrary to that it simply means he doesn’t know what he wants.

It is always advisable to ask him some necessary questions before you say YES to his proposal. This will give you an insight into what you’re committing yourself into.

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Try to know if he can make the rightful decision and get his opinion on matters that concerns a long term relationship.

Signs a guy doesn't know what he wants in a relationship

The 5 signs a guy doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship include but not limited to the following.

1. He can’t define the relationship between you two and doesn’t know where “This is heading to”.

Sometimes when you ask him where the relationship you two have is headed, he will always not have any good answer. He might be with you, but his mind and body are somewhere else.

It’s like he’s lost in a realm where you’re not inside with him. His mind is always absent from you.

He’s only living in the present with you, no plans for the future nor does he have anything in mind.

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Such people don’t know what they want. Ask him questions about what he thinks about you two together in the next couple of years.

You will only be doing yourself more harm if you can’t define your relationship. Will it be a long term or just for a short while. This is a very important information you need to know, for you to either keep the relationship going or end things.

2. Flìrtìng with random girls in your presence is a normal thing for such guys.

Flirting with different girls is a clear sign he doesn’t know what he wants in a relationshup.

Flìrtìng with a girl can be risky because the guy might be sending signals that the other gender translates differently.

A guy who respects you and knows your insecurities won’t be spending time flirting around with girls. If he’s serious about you he wouldn’t want to do anything that would risk losing you.

3. He is never faithful to you.

Cheating is a clear indication that he is still confused about what he wants in a relationship. You know a guy doesn’t know what he wants, when he cheats on you
even though you’re loyal to him.

He makes you feel like you are the reason the relationship is not going as planned.

A great guy who has great potential and plans for the future includes you in everything he does.

Cheating on you is never an option because he has in you everything he desires from any woman.

4. He finds it hard to start a healthy and good conversation about your future together.

A guy can be attracted to you because you have a great physique and good looks. But that’s s not enough to keep a relationship for a lifetime.

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If he can’t express himself openly to you then there’s a problem somewhere. The only conversation he’s interested in always has to do with having you in bed.

There should be room for more healthy and good conversation. Talk about how you started, how you’re going, and what career you two intend to pursue.

If he only talks about sleeping with you and nothing else, then he doesn’t know what he wants. There will come a time when all those things he fancies in you begin to make him feel uncomfortable.

So you see the clear picture right? Those are signs a guy doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship with you.

5. You’re just like a pawn to him.

He used you and dumped you because you’re just like a pawn to him. Both genders have these particular traits in them.

To realize a guy doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship with you, he pictures you as a prize he gets at the end of a game.

He manipulates you to get things done his way and at last, he moves to the next person. The moment you realize you’re being used, he bails on you and leaves you devastated.

Instead of giving him that opportunity to manipulate you just because you’re blinded by love, I suggest you count your teeth with your tongue.

A guy who loves you never wants to see you get hurt, he knows what he wants with you. Even before you ask him he has a great future planned ahead of you.

What Do You Do When You Figure Out He Doesn’t Know What He Wants In A Relationship. 

If you do like him, then it is time to have a deep conversation with him. Let him know what you want from a relationship and give him some time to see things the way you do.

However, when you do give time for him to adjust his mindset and he refuses to change, then you need to let go. Staying back will only be preparing you for disappointment unless, of course, you don’t want a serious relationship too.

It is always very important to define a relationship to ensure you and your partner want the same thing. There’s no reason to be with someone who is merely using you.

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