Signs He Pretends To Love You-How To Know

What are the signs he pretends to love you? How do you know if he truly loves you or just pretending?

It can be quite heartbreaking to find out that someone you love doesn’t feel the same. And even more painful to find out that he is only pretending for reasons best known to him. However, you deserve to know if your man does love you or not. Constantly doubting your partner can take the joy away from your relationship. And you just can’t shake off the feeling that he would soon be chasing other women.

No one, absolutely no one is comfortable with somebody who shows them fake affection. The only way you can truly feel safe in a relationship is when you know the other person has your best interest at heart.

So if you have been wondering lately if he is genuine or not, we are here to provide you with the signs he pretends to love you.

What Are The Signs He Pretends To Love You

signs he pretends to love you

It can be heartbreaking to find out that someone you love is pretending to love you. But the problem is how to find out if they are pretending to love you or not. With careful observation, you will notice the signs he pretends to love you. Here are some signs to look out for:

-His actions do not match his words

He’s probably fond of making promises that he can never keep, which makes you doubt him even more. He makes you believe he loves and cares about you but his actions project the opposite. This is one of the signs he pretends to love you. Someone who genuinely loves you will not hesitate to show how much he does. Being there for you, caring about you, looking out for you, and supporting you become very natural to him. He just can’t hold back how he feels about you.

-You are not  a priority to him

One of the signs he pretends to love you is when he doesn’t treat you like a priority. Things that are important to you do not matter to him.  Calling you, texting you, or even spending time with you seems like a big work to him. So, he barely calls or spends time with you. He’s always busy or ignores your complaints. Your thoughts, feelings, and spending quality time with you should matter to someone who genuinely loves you.

-You don’t know where you stand in his life

Someone serious about you will not hesitate to let you know your place in his life. You are not just any woman to him, you are someone very special to him. But if you keep doubting your place in his life, then this is one of the signs he pretends to love you. If he doesn’t include you in his future plans, then you should know that he is only pretending.

-He is only concerned about physical intimacy

The only time you see him so into you is when he wants physical intimacy. He barely cares about your emotions or your thoughts but is only sweet and responsive when it comes to physical touch. And your guts keeps telling you that he just wants you for the physical intimacy.

-He keeps hiding your relationship

He wants your relationship to be a secret and he hides it from his friends and family members. Someone who truly wants you will be proud to show you off. And should have no reason to keep your relationship a secret. If he wants a private relationship with you, then it is a sign that he pretends to love you. Get to  know if he is serious about you here HOW TO KNOW A GUY IS TRULY SERIOUS ABOUT YOU

-He only cares about what he will gain from you

One of the signs he pretends to love you is when he only feigns interest in you when he needs something. It could be sex, money, connection, or any other thing. But he only acts like he cares when he needs something from you. Fake lovers are only there for their selfish gain and nothing more.  Also, see SIGNS HE LOVES YOU DEEPLY (6 OBVIOUS SIGNS)

-He’s never available

You feel all alone in your relationship and he’s never there for you. He doesn’t even care about what is going on in your life. He is inconsistent and you don’t even know where you stand in his life. This is definitely one of the signs he pretends to love you and you shouldn’t ignore it.

-He is different outside

If you notice that your man treats you differently in private and in public, then it could be a sign he is not genuine. If he loves you inside and treats you poorly outside then there’s something wrong. A fake lover may be nice in private but would disrespect you in front of his friends. Or he may even act like he loves you outside but in private he shuns you. You shouldn’t ignore signs like these.

What Do You Do In a Fake Relationship

Fake relationship

If you have figured out that the person you love is only pretending to love you, then you are in a fake relationship. If you have observed closely and the signs he pretends to love you are obvious, then you need to protect your heart. So, what do you do in such a fake relationship?

-Detach yourself from him

Stop letting the things he does or does not do affect you. Stop caring if he calls or not, stop caring if he is available or not. Keep your distance from him both emotionally and physically.

-Stop forcing the relationship

Don’t force a fake relationship to become what you want. You will only be hurting yourself. Don’t be the only one doing what it takes to keep the relationship going. If he doesn’t want the relationship as much as you do, then you shouldn’t force it. You would be better off with someone who genuinely cares about you.

-End the relationship

It is better to be single than to be in a fake relationship. So, instead of hurting yourself and crying over his lack of love for you, simply leave the relationship. Let him know why you are leaving and that you deserve better.


You can definitely notice the signs he pretends to love you when you pay close attention to your relationship. No one can pretend forever, one day they will surely show their true color. So, if your gut is telling you that he is not genuine, just pay close attention to the signs above to be sure. Once, you notice you are in a fake relationship, there’s no need to panic. Just find a way to save yourself the stress of crying over a fake lover because he doesn’t deserve it.


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