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Signs of a clingy girlfriend to look out for in a relationship

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Signs of a clingy girlfriend to look out for

What are the Signs of a clingy girlfriend to look out for in a new relationship? Are all girls clingy? 

Haven’t been in few relationships, and although the last one didn’t work, I will be mentioning a few signs of a clingy girlfriend from my experience.

Clingy girls are either the ones with emotional damage or who never got to be loved the way they wanted in their last relationship.

A girlfriend who maybe had hope in her relationship and was later dumped could become very clingy when she meets someone who she feels loves her.

Signs of a clingy girlfriend to look out for

Are all girls or girlfriends clingy? No, everyone is different. Clinginess can be very frightening, although at first, it feels so good because she’s always over you but when it becomes too frequent the guy becomes frustrated.

From my observations, clingy girls don’t know they’re until you tell them. Even when you do, they still feel you’re being too sensitive. To them, being clingy is how they show you they love you.

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At first, clinginess can be so sweet because you feel she’s obsessed with you. But with time you become fed up and frustrated. Imagine a scenario where your girlfriend doesn’t give you breathing space. She calls you every minute as if her life depends on you.

There should be a limit to this love of a feeling. Take care of yourself, be the best you, and shower yourself with love too. You become too clingy when your partner can’t have that space to hang out with their friends without you interfering.

You can call to check up on him but not too often. It becomes as if you have nothing else to do but to stalk.

8 Obvious signs of a clingy girlfriend to look out for.

1. She becomes your social media stalker.

So many times you find out your girlfriend is always in every one of your comments sections on your social media platforms spying on which girl likes your posts the most.

She keeps records of every girl that calls you romantic names on social media. Sometimes she even replies to them, asking them to stay off you.

A clingy girlfriend will go to any length to make sure you don’t get another female admires.

So what do you do in this situation? Call her to order, explain to her that those people don’t mean anything other than mere admiration.

She can even make you stop living your life because you don’t know who she is going to inbox next.

2. She calls you too often to inquire about unreasonable things.

Another sign your girlfriend could be considered clingy is that whenever you’re with your friends or travel out she calls you unnecessarily.

Sometimes she calls too much that you want to switch off your phone.

There are signs that she’s been in a relationship where she was cheated on. Take note that she’s not doing all that to annoy you, but to make sure you’re not with other girls.

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The problem with her is that she has been played so many times and it feels like you’re going to repeat the same thing.

You don’t have to blame her. Just show her you’re not like other guys she has been in a relationship with.

3. You don’t give your boyfriend some space.

No matter how much you love someone, you need to also give them their space. Remember they had a life before you came into the picture.

Signs of a clingy girlfriend to look out for

They can’t just leave their old friends, colleagues, and well-wisher because you’re dating them.

Learn to give your boyfriend some space. A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook where this girl complained her man doesn’t pick up her calls anymore. He always makes excuses and always told her he would call her back.

Calling someone too much can make them feel tired and irritated. Why don’t you use that time you’re using to call and text none stop to do things that would work for you.

Guys don’t like being chased.! Allow him to do the chasing and calling. If you give him too much attention, he’ll start seeing you as desperate.

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4. You’re always needy for a conversation.

Another way to know whether your girlfriend is clingy or not is how much she needs for a conversation.

She might not have something important to discuss but would just call. At times this can happen randomly to anyone, what I mean is you might have one person who just calls you for nothing.

I have a best friend who calls me even at midnight to talk. We’re not dating but she’s so clingy like a girlfriend.

5. You want to live a duplicate life of his.

A duplicate life in this aspect simply means she is obsessed with the thought of you more than anything.

We know the essence of love is to be loved deeply but the moment she wants to do everything you do it becomes a clear sign she’s being clingy.

While in love, you are advised to also live your life. Don’t be consumed by the thought of it. Love with sense so that your love won’t be abused.

6. You become too jealous when he talks to other girls.

This is a well-known Sign of a clingy girlfriend. Whenever you’re seen amid girls she assumes you’re flirting with them or wooing them.

This is mostly caused if she has insecurity problems. If she was cheated on in her previous relationship, she displays this attitude. As her boyfriend, you just have to learn to cope with it while working to gain her full trust.

7. She always wants reassurance.

One of the signs to know whether your girlfriend is the clingy type of that reassuring attitude.

Signs of a clingy girlfriend to look out for,

Well if you love her you should tell her how much she means to you. but when it comes to a clingy girl, she starts making a big deal out of nothing if you don’t always assure her you still love her.

For instance, if you end a phone call without telling her “I love you” or if you don’t tell her how much you love her before going to work.

8. Her insecurities become excessive.

Every one of your moves becomes something she would want to use as claims that you might be cheating on her.

She monitors your phone calls, your friends, where you go, and what you do. Her insecure level is always high and at its peak. All these are signs of a clingy girlfriend you should look out for.

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