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5 Signs of a good woman to marry / wife material

Signs of a good woman to marry,

What are the signs of a good woman to marry?

Have you been considering getting married? And you want to know the signs she’s a good woman or wife material before you marry her?

Don’t worry today we will be taking a look at some of those signs and give you some guides on what you should do.

In the old days when our grandparents who loved marrying lots of wives were to pick their women, they considered her beauty, strength, and agility and which family she came from.

I can recall asking my grandmother what and how she ended up with my grandfather. In her own words, she said during those days, men were so much in love with a pretty lady who knows how to cook, how to work on the farm, and someone who comes from a good and respectful family.

Now put some of those things together, how do you know the type of woman to marry? What are the signs of a good woman to marry?

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There are a million and one questions most men ask themselves when they want to settle down. Take note that marriage is for better or worse so it’s very important to choose the right person to spend your entire life with.

That lady you think is so calm and gentle can become a tiger when she becomes comfortable as a wife in your house. It’s because of those reasons courtship is very important.

During your years of courting, you get to understand each other and know how to tolerate one another’s excesses.

There’s a saying that goes like: behind every successful man, there’s a woman behind him. This saying is so true because when you choose the right woman you see things going differently for you.

So what are those signs of a good woman to marry?

Signs of a good woman to marry,

1. She’s respectful and loyal.

The respect here isn’t just for you alone. If a lady is brought up from a good family, she knows the ethics of home training.

She accords you with maximum respect and trust even to others which includes your family and friends. Respect is not bought in the mall or somewhere, it’s something that one grows up with.

Even when you two have some arguments she doesn’t start raising her voice at you but simply finds a way to calm you down and at the right and quiet time you resolve the issue.

This type of woman is hard to come by. What most of them know is how to exchange words and even start a fight with you. If you are considering getting married, this is one of the signs to look out for.

2. She knows how to cook and is also ready to learn.

—in the society we live in today, it’s not every woman that knows how to prepare a very delicious meal for her man.

There’s a saying that the secret to a man’s heart is in his stomach. This means if you know how to cook, you can win the heart of any man. We have lots of traditional men who don’t like eating outside their houses and it will be a great disappointment if the woman they want to marry is lazy to the point she can’t cook.

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On the other hand, maybe she didn’t grow up in Nigeria or some remote part of the country where they could learn how to cook but if she’s ready to learn in a catering school that’s ok.

Before you ask her to marry you it’s advisable to know if she can enter the kitchen and prepare something delicious for the house or if she’s the type that orders food outside.

A stitch in time they say saves nine. Beauty can’t feed you or cook for you but someone interested in keeping your home as hers would go any dimension.

3. She takes your family as hers.

Another sign to consider when picking a wife to marry is whether she loves your parents or not.

This has brought so many disagreements in many marriages of today. In a situation where the woman welcomes her parents with open arms and considers yours to be an outcast, you should know there’s a problem.

While dating, once in a while, take your girl to go see your parents, allow your parents to have one on one time with her. Ask her what she thinks about them and also ask your parents what they think.

If you are marrying a woman, she’s not for you alone except it has to do with BEDMATICS. Your wife becomes a new member of your family. But in a situation where she doesn’t like your people, it becomes a problem.

So another sign or sign of a good woman to marry is that she loves your family the way she loves and accepts hers.

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4. A good woman knows how to take care of her home.

cleanings they say are next to Godliness. If she comes to your place, study how she manages your place, how she puts things in order.

Don’t go and marry someone whom you can’t introduce to your friends because she doesn’t want to keep herself clean; she doesn’t know how to care for your home.

Sometimes you can deliberately scatter your things and tell her you are nog feeling too well. If she wants to be your future wife, she will rush to your place to take care of you. She might even suggest going to market for you and doing your dirty laundry, cleaning up the house, and cooking for you.

If she can’t to the extent of sacrificing her time to look after you when you are dating, how sure are you that she will devote her time for you??

5. A good woman is economical, she know to manage your resources.

Because you have excess Money and everything doesn’t mean they will last forever. A good wife material doesn’t tolerate wastage of any kind, she knows how to manage your money, resources and name it.

Instead of buying things that one won’t be needing, a good woman knows what and when to buy anything.

Recently I read in the news that a lady whose boyfriend has been giving her money as a gift anytime he goes to see her opened her store where she sells human hair, Brazilian hair, and other makeup materials.

Now, this is what I call a woman with a brain and a good manager. Left with other ladies they will use that money to go and flex on things that won’t yield anything meaningful.


Qualities of a good wife material

1. She’s loyal to you.

2. She loves you beyond reasonable doubt.

3. She shares same opinions with you and vise versa.

4. She’s matured and ready to settle down.

5. You two get along well.

6. A good wife material is supportive and understanding.

7. A good woman to marry plans the future with you and doesn’t just look at the present.

8. She is hard-working and has a good personality.

9. She has a good sense of humor.

10. Another signs of a good woman to marry is that she loves, forgives, encourage and motivate her man.

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