Signs Of A Loyal Man: 6 Clear Signs To Look For

What are the signs of a loyal man? How do you know your man is faithful to you? And how do you know he’s not loyal? If you are looking for answers to these questions, then you have come to the right place. Just pay close attention to this article.

Nothing beats a relationship that is built on honesty, trust, and loyalty. There’s this peace of mind you have when you are in such a relationship. It is healthy, happy and very different from a relationship built on lies, lack of trust, and disloyalty.

But being in a happy or loving relationship with your partner doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally doubt them. From time to time, you have your doubts about your relationship and these doubts can ruin your peace. So, you need some kind of assurance that your relationship is strong or stable. A stable relationship makes you feel secure and at peace. And you can only feel this when you have a loyal partner that you can trust. This is why it is important to know if your partner is loyal or not.

It is often expected of a woman to be loyal in a relationship but no one really talks about the man. The idea that a man is free to do whatever he wants in a relationship is not okay, and you shouldn’t accept this in your relationship. A loyal woman deserves a loyal man too. Therefore, it is very necessary to look out for the signs of a loyal man. You need someone who makes you feel safe. Someone you believe would never hurt you. You deserve a relationship where you feel safe and secure. Do not settle for less.

So, how do you know if your man is loyal? Well, we  are right here to help you with that.

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6 Clear Signs Of A Loyal Man

signs of a loyal man

Wondering if your man is faithful or not can be stressful, so if you need to know for sure if he is then you need to check this out:

-He’s Open and Honest

There’s absolutely no reason to doubt someone who is open and honest with you. You know you can trust them because they don’t keep anything from you. If your man doesn’t tell lies or tries to hide his calls, or texts from you, then you have a loyal man.

A loyal man is always willing to talk to you about things going on in his life without you having to ask. He doesn’t keep any secrets from you and he confides in you all the time. These are clear signs that he is a loyal man.

A healthy relationship is built on loyalty, honesty, and openness. And you shouldn’t take these for granted. This is one of the signs of a loyal man.

-You are important to him

Someone you are important to would not take you for granted. He would do whatever he can to make sure you are happy. And there would be absolutely no doubt that he sees you as a priority. Whatever concerns you is very important to him. He doesn’t disrepect you, he doesn’t ignore how you feel and you know where you stand in his life.

Now, a man who really values you would not want to lose you, which means he would be loyal to you. He knows not being committed to you might lead to losing you and he doesn’t want to take such chances.

But if you are not important to him, you would keep doubting your place in his life because of the way he treats you.

A man who values you wouldn’t disrespect you or keep flirting with other women when he has you. So, This is definitely one of the signs of a loyal man.

-He is trustworthy

A loyal man is trustworthy, you feel safe and secure with him knowing he would never hurt you. You can confide in him because he would never betray you. He has your best interest in heart and you feel at peace with him. And you have no reason to doubt that he is committed to the relationship.

He is always there for you and you know you can trust him with anything. He respects you so much that he would never think of doing something that would hurt you.

This is one of the signs of a loyal man that you should not ignore. If your man is not trustworthy then he is definitely not loyal.

-He wants the relationship to work

A loyal man is invested in the relationship. He doesn’t leave you to do all the work in the relationship, he puts in the effort to make it work. He is committed to seeing that the relationship remains strong and stable. If this isn’t the case and he feels like  he is doing a favor by dating you then he isn’t a loyal man.

A loyal man wants the relationship as much as you do. And when there’s a problem in your relationship he doesn’t just shut you out, he helps you to find a solution. This is one of the signs of a loyal man you should look out for.

-Your relationship is not a secret

Everyone knows that you are both in a relationship. He doesn’t hide you from his friends or his family members. In fact, he wants everyone to know how important you are to him and he doesn’t hesitate to show it. If this isn’t the case then he may be hiding something from you.

-You feel safe with him

What does your instinct tell you about him? Do you feel you can trust him? Do you have reasons not to trust him? It is your relationship, so you are the one who knows if you can really trust him. Do you feel comfortable with him in your relationship? If you do feel safe with him then you have no reasons to doubt him.

How Do You Know He’s Not Loyal?

how to know he's not loyal

Your instinct is probably telling you that you can’t trust your man and you need to be sure if you can trust him. Well, here’s how to know?

-You don’t feel safe with him because he doesn’t have your best in heart

-You don’t trust him and he has given you no reason to trust him.

-He has cheated on you before and keeps avoiding the topic. This means you have no closure and you still can’t trust him.

-He is always lying or sneaking around. He keeps hiding his calls, or text and he never tells you the truth

-He’s always flirting with other women and you don’t know where you stand in his life.

-You can’t confide in him because he takes your feelings for granted


One clear sign that a man is loyal is when he is honest and open to you. You should have no reason to doubt someone who doesn’t hide anything from you. But if this isn’t the case and all he does is tell lies, sneak around and hide things  from you  then he isn’t a loyal man. There are other signs of a loyal man such as his commitment to the relationship, how he treats you, and others.

One thing you should bear in mind is that relationship built on trust, honesty and loyalty is usually a happy one and it also lasts. And you both should work towards this.

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