signs of ending relationship

signs of ending relationship


How can you tell if your partner is no longer interested in dating you? What are those signs that a relationship is coming to an end? What are the signs that he is gradually ending the relationship?

Relationships are fun, exciting, and beautiful when both parties are involved and in love with each other. That strong bond, those magical feelings, the beautiful connection are all part of what makes a relationship unique and worth it. But when that spark is no longer there or when one partner has lost interest, the relationship becomes an unhappy one. It becomes an unhappy one especially for the one who is still invested in the relationship.

Knowing when your partner has lost interest in you can save you a whole lot of stress. So, you can stop worrying and wondering if the problem is from you or not. And you can also get to know what you need to do to solve the issue.

6 Signs he’s ending the relationship

So, what are those signs that he is ending the relationship? How do you tell your partner has lost interest in you? Check this out:

-He barely spends time with you

If he has little or no time for you. Or comes up with excuses whenever you want to spend some time with him, then this is an indication that he’s no more interested. If he truly loves you, he will make out time to call you, visit you, or go out with you. He naturally enjoys being around you and is interested in what happens in your life. But if he can not make out time for you then this is an obvious sign that he is gradually ending the relationship. . HOW TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT IN THE RIGHT RELATIONSHIP

-He is often irritated with you

Being in love with someone means you are fond of them, you like their personality or are attracted to them. This simply means you don’t find each other appalling or disgusting but you find each other appealing. But, when whatever you do annoys or irritates him, then it is definitely a sign that he’s no longer interested in you. Someone who loves will be kind towards you, and also patient with you. But when he snaps at you at every given opportunity or pushes you away when you want to spend time with him, then he’s gradually ending the relationship.

-His actions and words say so

You have to open up your eyes to see that they no longer care about you. Yes! you may want them to love you forever but people do change and so do their feelings. And when this happens, you don’t want to keep holding onto something that is no longer there. Pay attention to his words and actions, this will go a long way to help you know if he has lost interest in you. They often speak about your relationship negatively or they simply do not care about whatever is going in the relationship.

If they avoid physical contact with you often or they can barely look you in the eye then it is obvious they are not interested. When someone no longer cares about you, you would notice. You would feel they are miles away from you even when they are right in front of you. Your company becomes something they endure and do not enjoy. He may find it hard to say he loves you and when he does, you can tell he doesn’t mean it.

-He’s no longer open with you

Communication is an essential part of a relationship. And you guys should be willing to share your secrets, happiness, weakness, and strengths with each other. But when he is no longer willing to communicate anymore, then it is a sign that he plans on ending the relationship. You should both be willing to share your emotions and not lock each other out. So, if your partner is no longer letting you in. Or if you have been left in the dark on what is going on in their lives then they are not into the relationship. He should be willing to share how he feels or what is going in his life with you. If he gets angry when you ask about sensitive issues. Or he ignores you when you ask personal questions, then he is probably ending the relationship with you.

-There’s no connection

There’s no physical or emotional connection and you can feel it deep down in your heart that something is wrong. It seems like you are forcing them to spend time with you. It seems you are forcing them to talk about their problems or just do fun things with you. Calling or visiting you becomes a big deal to them and it’s almost like you are forcing them to do so. The conversations are exhausting. And it seems you are the only one willing to do what it takes to keep the relationship going. They are always trying to avoid having any intimacy with you. And deep down you know they are planning on ending the relationship but may not want to acknowledge it.

-He doesn’t care what you do

He has little or no interest in whatever you do. Or he doesn’t call to check up on you and he doesn’t care if you call or not. When he figures out someone else is interested in you, he doesn’t feel jealous. And he doesn’t make any effort to show how important you are to him. He doesn’t care if you are hurt or happy, and it seems like he wants nothing to do with you. He is barely available when you need him, and when he is, it seems you are forcing him to be there for you. You don’t need to beg for his love, attention or care, if he truly loves you, he will give them freely. If it isn’t so then he may have lost interest in you. This is one obvious sign that he is ending the relationship.

When you are in a relationship with someone, you want them to love you forever but it doesn’t always end that way. So, once you start noticing these signs of an ending relationship, it is up to you to talk about it with your partner. Or you can also decide to end the relationship for your own sake.

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