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10 signs your husband has a side chick and what to do

Signs your husband has a side chick

As married woman, sometimes your instincts might tell you your husband has a side chick somewhere out there but you’ve not gotten any concrete evidence or proof.

Many happy marriages these days become full of misunderstandings because of the presence of a side chick.

A lot of men don’t know how to stick to one woman, they keep running around chasing after younger girls and breaking the promise of marriage. ( Till death do us apart).

It’s not supposed to be so, we know one can be lured into things like that but if you as a man have an atom of respect for your partner I’m not sure there will be no need to keep a side chick.

A man who has a side chick is cheating on you. Since most men are very good at acting innocent, they can be cheating on you with another woman without your knowledge.

Signs your husband has a side chick

You shouldn’t always believe the sweet words that proceed from the mouth of guys. You might not be the only one who is mouthwash.

As a married woman, have you been noticing the odd hours your husband comes back from work or those calls he ignores while with you?

Those could be clues there’s another person whom he is spending time with after work hours.

Now the question is after finding out your husband has a side chick, what should you do about it?

You shouldn’t just seat in one spot and watch a random girl destroy the once peaceful and happy home that took you years to build.

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So in this context, I will be explaining a few signs to notice if your man/ husband has a side chick and how to break them up.

Signs your husband has a side chick.

1. He frequently gets home from work at odd hours.

Returning late from work might be because of traffic and closing hours, but it can’t be daily.

Try to inquire why he’s always coming home late and by your calculations, you can know if it’s because of the traffic or something else.

Now for those on the “Trust” table, asking your husband why he gets home late doesn’t mean you don’t trust him. If the table were to be turned around and you happened to be the one coming back late tell whether or not he won’t ask questions.

If he’s seen a side chick, he might be using traffic and loads of work as an excuse for you not to ask more questions.

2. There are certain calls he doesn’t answer in your presence.

At times he receives calls during odd hours and most times he refuses to pick up his phone when with you.

Initially, he might be in denial of any of this but as time goes on you should monitor what is happening. Men tend to be controlled a lot by side chicks. A stitch in time saves nine.!!

Don’t wait until things get out of hand before you do the needful. Why won’t he pick up his phone when he’s with you if there’s no skeleton in his cupboard.

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3. He begins to lose Interest in your sex life.

As a young couple, your séx life is very important and you should be very active at it. When whose wives starve them of séx are likely to look outside.

But if for any reason your man begins to give different excuses when you want to have séx, there’s a problem.

It’s either he has medical problems or he is tired as he complained, it counts also be he is having it with some side chick after work.

Do men cry? What does heartbreak feel like for a man?

4. He starts telling obvious lies to cover his tracks.

One of the signs your husband / your man has a side chick is the lies he begins to tell you.

Maybe you already know the truth of what happened and you just pop up whatever question to him, he starts decorating one lie or the other.

For instance, one of his colleagues comes home looking for him and also told you your husband was supposed to be home earlier since he is handling a particular project.

But when he comes back from work he starts telling you work was tedious and he had a meeting with different branch managers or he went on a business trip; Which is a lie.

These are clear signs he must have gone to have a nice time out with some side chick.

5. He doesn’t spend quality time with you anymore.

Looking at the time you’ve been married to him, you can testify how often you two spend quality time together. But the moment he starts seeing a girl outside your marriage, the amount of time he spends with you becomes little.

He begins to give you one excuse or the other and promises to make it up to you.

6. He becomes very good at giving you excuses.

Hey honey, I’m sorry for coming home late last night, I had a lot of work to do at the office.

My boss appointed me and some of my colleagues to execute a big deal, but that’s why I’m coming home late.

I know I shouldn’t be coming back from work by this time, you know u just got this position and I have a lot to do.

These are just a few out of a million excuses he begins to come up with.

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7. You start begging for his time, affection, romance, and love.

There’s no need to start beating around the corner. When a man has a side chick how you will know it from the way he shows you how much he loves you.

You might even begin to beg for his time, affection, and love. From the beginning, he was putting enough energy and enthusiasm into making you fall for him.

8. He changes his phone passwords.

If there’s nothing he’s hiding from you, why on Earth will he decide to change the phone passwords?

Confront him and know why he chose to change his passcode because surely no one else is gonna want to get access to his phone except you. So to keep you from seeing what he’s up to, she decides to change all the passwords.

9. He start using different perfumes from the ones you knew.

According to research, 8 out of 10 men who are cheating on their partners tend to change perfumes.

Sometimes he might come home smelling of the lady’s perfumes and when you ask him, he denies it.

The side chick might not like the fragrance of the one he’s using and would decide to get him a new one.

Sometimes when a side chick complains about the perfume, he might decide to change it. These are signs your husband has a side chick who’s really into you.

10. He is always busy during special occasions like Valentine’s day etc.

During weekends or days you are supposed to have some fun time together, he sneaks out and comes up with an ” I will be very busy” excuse.

Sometimes even on Valentine’s day, he also doesn’t spend any of these special days with you because an aside chick would get mad at him.

How to break up your husband with his side chick.

To break up your husband and his side chick, you need to do the following.

✓. Confront him, let him know you know what is going on. Let him know it hurts and that you deserve better. And remember it is not your fault that he chose to cheat. There’s no excuse for cheating.

Remember to take care of yourself even after marriage. Take care of your body, mind and soul. Don’t stay in a marriage that only frustrates you. Look nice, smell nice and never forget who you were before you got married. This will also make him end things with the side chick.

✓. Talk to some he respects a lot and complain about his sudden behaviors. For example, you can talk to his parents or spiritual head. If he respects them, there’s no way he won’t stop the relationship with that side chick.

✓. Another way to make your man break up with his side chick is to walk away. Walk away from it all if he wants to keep cheating on you. It’s not that easy but you have to always choose your happiness first.

If you are however willing to stay with someone who has little regards for you, then you should be ready to cope with the consequences.

Remember that your happiness is important, so you should stay out of situations that threaten your happiness. If he doesn’t want to stay loyal to you, then you need to let him go for your own good.

Don’t force a man to stay faithful to you, only a man who wants to be kept will be kept.

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