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Single & fun

Being single this Christmas is no reason not to have fun and make this Christmas a memorable one. Christmas is fun when you celebrate it with your loved ones. However, if you are single you can definitely celebrate all alone and still have an amazing Christmas experience. So, instead of sitting alone at home scrolling through your phone and asking “God When” or tagging other’s relationship as “couple goals”, start making plans on how to have an amazing holiday all by yourself.

There are various ways you can have fun this holiday as a single lady. So, if you are running out of ideas then you should pay attention to this guide:


-Make plans with friends and visit amazing places

You can choose to visit historical sites or any amazing place around you in the company of your friends. You don’t need a man to have a complete Christmas. You can create great Christmas experiences with your friends. You should definitely do fun things like hiking, swimming, dancing or visit beautiful places you have always wanted to go to.

-Do your favorite thing

Doing what you love is another amazing way to celebrate Christmas all by yourself . Ad the good thing is that you don’t need so much money to get it done. Holidays are time off work and all the stress, so you should take advantage of it to give yourself a treat. So, if you love baking, painting, sewing, dancing, clubbing, karaoke, just take your time and enjoy them.

-Visit your friends

Take this opportunity to visit old friends and bond with them, you may not get another opportunity to do this. You have all the time you need to have fun with your friends this holiday season and create amazing memories.

-Go to the cinema

If you are a movie lover then this holiday is the opportunity you need to catch up on interesting movies in the cinema. You can cry, laugh and smile while eating your popcorn and sipping your drink. You can also get to meet new people and make new friends at the cinema.

-Visit the mall

This holiday is just the right time to visit the mall and check out different departments you never knew existed. There are lots of fun things to do at the mall, so you can have an amazing time enjoying these things with or without company.

-Visit your family

The holiday can be a great time to visit home and bond with your family. So, if you stay all by yourself then this is just the perfect time to visit home. There’s truly no place like home and visiting home may be the best decision you make this holiday season.


If you are party lover, this holiday is the best time to catch up on all the fun you have missed out on while working so hard. If you are not crazy about parties, it can still be a great way for you enjoy your holiday and meet fun people.

The holiday shouldn’t be a dull one just because you are spending it as a single lady, when there are lots of ways to have fun this holiday.

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