Guide to staying happy as a single mom

Single mom

Becoming a single mother can be very challenging but with the right direction and motivation you can make the most out of it. Most people do not plan to become a single parent but life happens, and you have to take the responsibility thrown at you. No one says it is going to be easy to handle your children upbringing all by yourself, but you have to give your best to make it a success. Your happiness as an individual and as a mother is important as much as your children’s happiness. This is why it is important you learn how to motivate yourself to be the best mum by being a happy individual.

So, how do you stay happy as a single mum?


First you need to accept your situation in order to make the best out of it. Tell yourself the truth about your situation, and then you are on your way to finding happiness. You have to also embrace your singlehood, and let go off the painful past to start your journey to happiness. Accept that you have to take care of your kids all by yourself and you have to make the most out of it. Accepting a situation you didn’t plan for can be very hard, but you have to. Accept what has happened and do not believe you are unfortunate because it happened to you.

-Love yourself

Self love it is important, so you have to shower yourself with as much love as possible. Say kind words to yourself, motivate yourself and don’t ever give up on yourself. Don’t blame yourself for your situation and don’t hate yourself either. Loving yourself is a decision you have to consciously make. So, take your time everyday to tell yourself how awesome you are and how much you love you. Make it a habit to praise yourself and admire your efforts in giving your kids the best. Loving yourself means accepting your faults or shortcomings and putting in the necessary effort to be better.

-Focus on your career or handiwork

Singlehood gives you just enough time you need to focus on your career and take it to the next level. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity to reach the apex of your career, dedicate your time and attention to growing your career. If you have other talents, you can also focus your energy, time and passion to making your talent bigger and better.

-Try dating again

Don’t give up on dating and finding someone else to enjoy the rest of your life with. Just because you are a single mother, doesn’t mean you can’t find a man to love you. So, you have to always look your best, and join other singles in finding a partner. Dating again can add some kind of warmth to your life and make you feel happier about yourself. But if you have decided to stay single, that is also a good decision but don’t shut your door to potential partners. It’s important not to feel you have lost the opportunity to find love again because of your past relationships. HOW TO START A NEW RELATIONSHIP

-Don’t be ashamed of your feelings

Learn how to be bold about the way you feel, don’t keep it all locked up, this could only lead to unhappiness. So, if you find yourself in a new relationship, let your feelings be heard. Even in your relationship with your kids or at work, learn to be outspoken about the way you feel. Always acknowledge how you feel, don’t let others put you down because you are a single mum. People may look down on you because you have no man in your life, but don’t give them the opportunity to do so. Make it obvious that you are proud of being an independent woman and be happy about it.

The African society makes it rather difficult for women to be happy as single mothers; it often seems like a woman’s happiness is tied to a man’s. But the truth is that you can only be happy when you choose to be, your happiness depends on you. And with this guide, you will find your way to happiness as a single mother. Remember your happiness depends on you, don’t let anyone or any situation make you feel you don’t deserve it.

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