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Stingy Boyfriend? Smart Ways To Get Money From Him

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Smart Ways To get money from a stingy boyfriend

Wait! is your boyfriend stingy when it comes to giving you money or gifts items? Is he the stingy type that makes different excuses? Relax, I will be listing a few smart ways to get money from a stingy man.

Most guys don’t know they’re stingy because of many reasons. A relationship is supposed to be all about sharing. You give to your spouse and they give you too.

Smart Ways To get money from a stingy boyfriend


It’s like during the Christmas period when Everybody shares gifts amongst themselves. You don’t expect anything from someone when you have nothing to offer.

Men are mostly the breadwinner in any relationship except for a few who have nothing to do and the woman takes over.

If he’s stingy with his money it’s probably because it took him years to acquire that wealth. And another thing why a man will be stingy with his money is if you are bent on spending carelessly.

3 Reasons why your boyfriend is being stingy with his money. 

There’s time for everything, time to plant and time to reap, time to hustle for money, and time to spend a few bucks. There’s also time to invest more so that you won’t go broke.

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If your boyfriend or man is being stingy with his money it might be because you are trying to shut down his investment capital.

1. You’re spending carelessly

Now imagine you cry to your boyfriend that you’re in desperate need of money and he gives you more than you asked for. (Some men do that) and he finds out you spent the money on things that don’t make any sense or are nothing valuable.

At this point, he might become stingy and begin giving you different excuses when you ask him for money.

2. When you’re not honest with him

Another thing that can make him stingy with his money is if you’re always lying to him about what you need the money for.

Clubbing is cool because you get to chill with friends and enjoy yourself, but if you have to lie to him to get money for clubbing, do you think if he finds out next time he will be willing to give you money?. I don’t think so too.!

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A whole lot of girls have the habit of coming up with different types of lies to get money and embezzle it on useless things.

3. You were never there when he was struggling–

I would have made this the first point but I needed to clear the above subtopics.

In every relationship, if the woman never for once contributed to the success of that man, he is always stingy to give her money.

You don’t expect a man who came from the ghetto and struggled for more than 10 years before accumulating wealth to start spending on you carelessly.

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Such men are always “stingy” but to an extent. They know who was there for them and who helped them get to where they are. Instead of spending on you, he would rather give it to the street.

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Topic Proper: 5 Smart Ways To Get Money From A Stingy Boyfriend.

1. Don’t be over demanding

last week you asked him for money to make your hair and he gave you more than you asked him. Yesterday you had a problem that money could solve and you still went to him now you’re asking him for money again to change your wardrobe.

Come on if it were you how would you feel or react. Part of the reason why most people depend so much on others is that they refused to get a job for themselves.

You know your boyfriend is Stingy according to your observations, trust me it sounds like you want to see him go down the drain when you become over-demanding.

Sometimes he expects you to fix some of your minor problems yourself. He might begin to reconsider giving you money if you start demanding too much.

Calculate yourself before you demand anything. What do you need the money for? Make sure the money he will give you will cover most of your expenses.

2. Ask him for money in the presence of his friends

You already know how stingy he is with giving you money. The smartest way to get a few bucks from him is if you can ask him for money in the presence of his friends or colleagues.

He won’t have any option but to give you, because he doesn’t want to appear like a bad person. His friends might even volunteer to give you the money if he is being dramatic and in that process, he would have no option but to give you the money.

Make sure you come up with a valid reason why you need the money. Maybe you can say you want to go get stuff from the store or milk has finished. And try to get that stuff you told him you wanted to go get cause he is watching you.

3. Don’t be a stingy person yourself

“Two wrong heads don’t make a right”. Have you heard of that statement? Because your man or your boyfriend is Stingy shouldn’t make you become like him.

If you have the money, you can overlook some of those acts and show him that you are capable of funding your bills.

You asked him for money to get a wig and he begins to complain or refuses to give you. Don’t bother him, you will only be making a case out of nothing.

If you can get the money on your own, go get the wig, dress nice and flaunt yourself for him to see. Trust me he is going to start wondering where you got the money from.

If he loves you, he’ll start thinking that maybe another guy gave you the money and you might probably leave him.

Those things he doesn’t provide for you if you can afford the money, get them yourself and don’t say a word to him. He will be the one running to you.

4. Learn to ask him for money politely

it’s his money and if he refuses to give you, you won’t do anything to him.

Politeness is very important when you’re dealing with a stingy person. Be smart enough to approach him politely. Don’t make it look like it’s a do or die matter, he might end up not giving you a dime.

5. Talk to him to reconsider his behavior

Thetruth is that most people don’t know they’re stingy. Some think they’re just doing themselves the greater good by not giving to the needy.

During your private moments, nicely talk to him. Let him know what he’s doing is greatly affecting your relationship. As long as there’s money, there will always be one problem or another to solve.

You can playfully tell him to stop being stingy because if he doesn’t do the needful another will take charge of his wealth… Nah don’t say that. ( Lol)

Just make him realize that there’s no gain or Award for being stingy.

~Smart ways to get money from a stingy boyfriend.. CONCLUSION~

The truth is that people don’t change because they want to, life happens and they just have to adjust. If your partner is a stingy type while you two are dating, he might still be stingy when you’re married.

You’re doing yourself no good if you decide to settle with someone who is Stingy. He will neglect his responsibilities and be focused on things that only matter to him.

If you’ve tried to make him see reasons to change and he chooses to still be stingy, I wouldn’t advise you to marry such a fellow. Once a stingy person is always a stingy person. Be smart enough to know when to end things with a stingy man or boyfriend because if he says he doesn’t have money, that’s final.

Drop a comment below if you have any smart ways of collecting money from your stingy boyfriend or man.

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