Ways to spend quality time with your husband

quality time

Spending quality time with your husband should always be on the top of your list. However, it may be a bit difficult to have an alone time with your man when the kids are around or when you have to work. Nevertheless, it is very important to make out time to show your partner how much you value their presence. Keep your relationship alive by following these tips:

-Have an alone time with your husband

Communication is an essential aspect of every intimate relationship. Therefore, you need to make out time to talk with your partner without any distraction. Squeeze in some time for bonding between work and catering for your kids. Talk about intimate stuff or any interesting topic while you guys bond.

-Plan a weekend getaway

There’s almost no time to bond with your husband with the kids around. However, a weekend getaway provides just the perfect opportunity to spend time with just your husband. Take your kids to your parent’s or any relative living close, and have the weekend all to yourselves. Keep away from work or your phones, and just focus on having an amazing time together. Visit somewhere you both love and create unforgettable memories.

-Have fun together

Your partner should be your friend, do all the fun things you can do with your friends with him. Play a video game, card game or board game together, or you can go swimming or watch a movie together. Having fun with your partners helps in developing strong bond with them. Ask yourself what you both enjoy doing, and just make time for that. 5 WAYS TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR MAN ON CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY

-Try new things together

Create new memories, do something adventurous with your partner or something you guys have never done before. Create new memories that are special to you two, memories that will make you laugh or smile. Create unforgettable memories that will keep the fire of the relationship burning. https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/10-ways-spend-more-quality-time-with-your-partner.html

-Go on dates

You have to keep the feelings alive despite being married for years and probably after having kids. Don’t let work or kids take over all the affection or intimacy in your relationship. Go on dates to fancy restaurants or any place of your choice, to keep the fire & desire burning for each other. If you can’t go out on dates because of the kids, you can always do so at home while they are asleep.

-Pay each other compliments

You guys should make it a habit to always pay each other compliment. Appreciate your husband; remind them of how special they are to you. Give them a kiss or hold their hands, try to be intimate with them. Devise new ways to keep things intimate between you two. Surprise them with a gift or help them relax when they are stressed out.

Spending quality time with your husband helps in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. You both have to put in conscious effort into making your marriage work. So, if you have not been spending quality with your man, now it’s the time to start.

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