ways to stay healthy during pregnancy


Your body is changing and so are its needs. And you may be finding it hard to cope with all the changes, but staying healthy has never been more important. During pregnancy you are not only taking care of your body but also your baby. Whatever affects you, can also affect your child, which why it is important to take care of yourself during pregnancy.

There are tons of advice on what an expectant mother should or should not, sometimes it is confusing or overwhelming. No matter how overwhelming it may be, you really need to take care of yourself for the sake of your baby. Staying healthy during pregnancy should be a priority, because the baby is depending on you for its health and well-being.  You should follow these tips to stay healthy during your pregnancy journey:

-Eat healthy

You already know that you are eating for two, so you need enough calories for you and the baby. You need to also be careful with what you eat while you are pregnant, especially when you are giving in to pregnancy cravings. Ensure you take lots of fruits, vegetables and other whole grains. Limit your intake of drinks with caffeine or sugary drinks, avoid raw foods and other unhealthy foods.  You need to be careful of what you eat and you need to eat healthy. HOW TO GET BACK TO SHAPE AFTER CHILDBIRTH

-Stay hydrated

You need more water during pregnancy, so you need to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water helps to prevent common ailments that occur during pregnancy such as constipation, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections and others. Take fruits juices, soft drinks, water, fruits that contain enough water, beverages to stay hydrated. https://brighamhealthhub.org/12-ways-to-stay-healthy-during-pregnancy/

-Go for your prenatal visits

It is important to visit your doctor regularly to help you monitor your pregnancy closely.  Your doctor is there help you during your pregnancy, so you should visit regularly. Talk to them about any issues you are facing, follow their drug prescriptions and advice. Don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamin with folic acid, iron and iodine. All these are important in protecting yourself and your child from any issues.

-Exercise and get enough sleep

You need to keep your body fit, pregnancy is not an excuse to become lazy or unfit. You need physical activities to keep your body, bones and mind healthy and strong. But you should avoid exercise during pregnancy if your doctor tells you so. If otherwise, then you should try swimming, walking, dancing and others. While exercising, you need to know when your body has had enough and rest. It is important to enough sleep and relaxations (avoid stressful situations).

-Avoid taking harmful substances

During pregnancy, you need to avoid smoking, alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. This helps you to protect yourself and your baby from health conditions such as cancer, heart disease and others.

During pregnancy you are not just taking care of yourself, but also your baby. Therefore, it is important you try your best to stay healthy not just for yourself, but for your little one. By staying healthy you are protecting your little one which is what every mother should do.

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