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What are the benefits of dating a chubby guy

Benefits of dating a chubby guy,

I have been making a lot of research about the benefits one gets in dating a chubby or fat guy. Look, we find love differently and with different people.

You might like slim guys while the other person wants a chubby guy. It’s okay because we can’t like the same type of people the same way.

Calling someone fat doesn’t always mean you are fat-shaming him or her, it’s simply the truth. It’s just like telling a neighbor he or she has become very slim. Unless the situation seems differently like you think that particular person doesn’t like you then it can be regarded as body-shaming or fat-shaming.

Benefits of dating a chubby guy,

Being chubby for most people isn’t necessarily because they eat too much food some eat less nutritional food and lots of junk food.

From a little research I made, some chubby people inherited actually that size from their parents or grandparents.

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Who is a chubby guy? A chubby guy is someone who is slightly overweight, somewhat fat, and full of flesh.

Chubby guys can be very sweet and romantic if you meet the good ones. People have different behavior, whether fat, slim, skinny, or chubby.

If you’re dating someone because of their looks you might meet people who won’t treat you the way you want.

In this article, I will be explaining a few benefits of dating a chubby guy. But if you’re a guy searching for the benefits of dating a chubby girl, you can find it here too.

1. They are warm to snuggle with at night— 

One of the benefits of dating a chubby guy is that when it’s cold you can snuggle with him and you’ll feel warm because of their body temperature.

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Unlike dating a slim or skinny guy who’s not so fleshy and doesn’t have that soft flesh to relax on. Lol.

2. He won’t fat Shame you

If you’re a foodie like myself, you won’t want a partner who constantly fat Shame you because of what you eat. Chubby guys don’t have any issue with you eating. All they want is a peaceful atmosphere.

Since he’s a junk food lover, he would gladly get more junk food for you two to share. They’re very sweet and hardly want to get into any arguments with their partners.

Chubby guys have less time to start arguing or fighting over unnecessary things. Eat what you want, sleep and have a healthy relationship that’s their goal. But you see the slim guys, they are always ready to display their body just to body-shame you for eating what you want.

Well, what works for you might not work for another person; so date who makes you feel comfortable, happy, and confident in yourself.

3. They are down to earth—

if I’ve met like a hundred chubby guys 70 percent of them are always humble. They know people don’t like them for their size so they try to do anything possible just to feel among others

4. They don’t pretend to be something or someone they’re not—

Another benefit of dating a chubby guy is that he will never pretend to be someone he’s not. What is there to hide when you can see everything for yourself.

For them, you either like them for whom they are or leave them alone. There’s one truth a lot of people don’t seem to know in this life. Whether you are slim or fat, tall or short, people will have one thing or the other to say about you.

Chubby/ fat guys take things the way they see them. No need to start pretending to please people because at the end of the day they’ll still fat shame you.

5. They’re very comfy when hugging—

Have you tried hugging a chubby guy and a slim guy? What’s your take on the two?

It feels so good and comforting when you hug a chubby person. But hugging a slim fellow, you can feel every bone in their body. Just don’t break a bone when hugging them. Lol.

Do fat people have a chance of getting a girlfriend? What are the benefits of dating a chubby guy?

Because you like them slim doesn’t mean another person will go with your choice. Fat people have every chance of getting a girlfriend. We all find love at the right time and with the right person.

We have over seven billion people on Earth. So why and what will stop fat people from having a girlfriend? Nothing!.

There’s a big difference between being slightly overweight ( chubby) and obese. When you say one is obese, he or she might need medical attention but being chubby is sexy in a different way than many won’t understand.

You can tell when someone is obese and when another is fat or chubby.

Are there perks of dating chubby guys?

In as much as there are greater benefits of dating a chubby guy, let’s take a look at some of its perks. Let’s take a lot at it from the side of someone slim or skinny.

1. Séx– When it comes it séx, it’s very important in a relationship or marriage. How comfortable will a woman feel when she’s under a chubby guy?

Men and women are supposed to enjoy séx to its peak but it should also come with comfortability. A slim girl will urinate on herself under a chubby guy. Lol. Imagine the way her heart’s beat gonna increase the moment he wants to lay onto her.

2. Romance– Fat guys won’t always respond well when they’re being chased around the house when playing. Pillow fight, hide and seek and another romantic play is not for them.

These are some of the reasons many don’t like dating chubby guys. But aside from that, they are very romantic. If he practices how to be romantic with you in that aspect, it won’t be a problem.

3. Junk food lovers– fat people don’t have any problem except they are lovers of junk foods. They eat less so as the wife, you won’t cook much rather you spend mostly on buying food with little or no nutritional value.


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