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What does heartbreak feel like for a man? Do men cry

what does heartbreak feel like for a man

What does heartbreak feel like for a man?

In a normal circumstance, what does heartbreak feel like for a man? Well, everyone gets hurt and it’s normal to feel heartbroken either because of betrayal or when a loved one dies.

The way a man may handle heartbreak feels different from that of a woman. A man can be heartbroken and still act like all is well with him. Unlike a woman who would look damaged, drained, emotionally damaged, and lost.

It takes so much before you see a heartbroken man cry. That which made him cry must have touched him deep enough to the point he can’t hold it anymore.

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Men do cry and it’s normal but it’s very rare. No one cares how much a man is hurt. Everyone feels since he’s a man, he can handle himself and how he feels.

For a man, heartbreak is when you’re betrayed by the very least person you expect to hurt you. But yeah, heartbreak doesn’t come from people you don’t love. It is served by those you work hard for day and night.

4 Signs a Guy is Heartbroken.

There are several ways to know a heartbroken man. Sometimes a man can go to the extent of closing up the feeling just so he won’t look weak in the presence of people.

You will never know how many demons he is fighting personally unless he breaks down in tears. There’s no shame in crying when you’re heartbroken as a man but only if the person you shed those tears for is worth it.

Men are human too, and they break down when the pain is too much for them to pain. Here are the signs a guy is heartbroken.

1. He begs you not to leave him.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re forced to leave that guy you love and he keeps kneeling and begging you not to leave?

A heartbroken guy would go any length to right his wrongs, even if it means kneeling for you.

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2. He cries without tears flowing, just red eyes.

This here is a very touching and emotional type of heartbreak for any man. Here is how you know how heartbreak feels for a man. He just stares at you and all you see is a silent sob and his eyes all reddish.

Right now what this person needs is a hug from a loved one and you will see all the emotions gushing out.

3. He refuses to eat and only consumes alcohol.

When a man loses his loved one or something triggers him to experience heartbreak, most men end up in bars and refuse to eat or talk to anyone.

He can consume so much alcohol and won’t care about food for days. Sometimes he locks himself up so that he won’t get any physical interaction with anyone.

But when he gets sober and his head is clear that’s when you see him cry and you will feel the pain in his voice.

4. He becomes unusually angry, sad, and lost in his imaginations.

Sometimes when a man is heartbroken, all his hormones become very high. He gets easily angry and pissed, at times he might seem lost while thinking and feeling sad at the same time.

Heartbreak for a man can be very painful, most times it can make him feel like the whole world is against him.

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What does heartbreak feel like physically?

For a man, heartbreak can be managed but during the lone time or after he’s sober, it can be so painful and emotional.

Most people get physically drained and exhausted when they experience heartbreak. Sometimes everyone feels the man is in a better position to hide his feelings and not show signs of being broken.

It takes a long time for men to get over a breakup because they do not give themselves time to feel their pains. This is because a  lot of men believe expressing pain is being weak. However, refusing to acknowledge your feelings only means the bitterness lingers for a long time.

It’s human to feel pain, so no matter how tough you act, a time will come when you will break down or explode. So, you need to let learn to express your emotions.

Does heartbreak change a man?

Yes, heartbreak can change a man from a once Happy and free person to a cold fellow. It can be fixed if he talks to someone with whom he has some sort of emotional connection.

So for anyone asking what a heartbreak feels like for a man, it’s way beyond what you think. Men can hide their feelings but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel a thing.


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