What does self-care mean to you



What does self-care mean to you? How do you practice self-care? How often should you practice self-care? Is self-care choosing your happiness?  These are some important questions you need to answer to understand what self-care is all about and how important it is.

A lot of people do not realize the importance of taking care of themselves, in short, they take self-care practices for granted. But you need to understand that self-care matters and practicing it should be an everyday thing.

It is simply a conscious effort to do those things that make you feel happy and positive. And this goes a long way to show that your general well-being is of great importance to you. Self-care is simply choosing your happiness over a lot of things.

However, when you become an adult, there are so many responsibilities that you may have little or no time to take care of your own needs. This makes you put other things or other people above your own need, which is definitely not good for you.

So, you need to find a way to take care of “You” to be the best version of yourself. To be healthy, positive, and happy, you need to take care of yourself.

-Why is self-care important?

self-care mean to you

Self-care is a deliberate effort to take care of yourself, and your general well-being. You hold your physical, emotional, and physical well-being in high regard and you are mindful of things that affect them. This simply means you care about your happiness and your general well-being. Self-care is important for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Therefore, to be the best version of yourself you need to take care of yourself. If you cannot be kind to yourself, you can’t be kind to others.

So, when you practice self-care you are in the best form to help your family, friends, and your community. You are focused, and you spread positive energy to those around you. Self-care enables you to fight stress, depression, and other mental illnesses.

But you have to bear in mind that self-care isn’t selfishness. Being in your best state helps you to be more useful to those around you. It doesn’t stop you from being kind, or helpful to others. Choosing your happiness is important because it makes you a better and healthier person.

-What Does It entail?

self-care mean to you

Practicing self-care is a conscious effort to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. And you can practice self-care in your own way. You just need to know when to give your body and mind rest, when to avoid certain situations or people that affect your happiness and when to choose your happiness above other things. Now, let’s check out what self-care entails:

-Loving yourself

Self-care starts from self-love, when you love something you would want to take care of it. Therefore, the first step to taking care of “You” is loving yourself. If you do love yourself you would want to give yourself the best, you would avoid things that affect your health and happiness. So, how much do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to fight for your peace of mind? If you do love yourself, you won’t take your happiness for granted. Self-care entails taking care of yourself because you love yourself. You don’t want to see yourself hurt, down, unhealthy or unhappy, so you choose to take care of yourself. It means you are choosing your happiness.

-Living healthy

Taking care of yourself means choosing a healthy lifestyle, choosing to avoid things that affect your health. This simply means you avoid situations that stress you, you know when to exercise, eat healthily, and when to take a break. Self-care practices like exercising and meditation are part of your routine. Exercising helps to keep you fit and keep your mind sharp so you can produce better results.

It also helps in relieving stress, and stress is an enemy to self-care. Eating right helps to keep your body in the best condition which is what you want since you love your body. Knowing when to take a break from work and other responsibilities is very necessary to give your body the rest it needs. Living healthy is one self-care practice you don’t joke with.

-Avoiding toxic situations and people

choosing your happiness

Toxic situations or people can ruin your peace of mind and reduce you to your lowest. When you hold your happiness and mental health in high regard, you would avoid anything toxic to you. Toxic friends, toxic relationships, toxic family members, and toxic workplaces have no place in your life. These things are in the way of your happiness and general well-being so you choose to avoid them. So, if you know those situations or people that are negatively affecting your mental health you have to choose to avoid them. Anxiety, stress, and depression are all enemies of self-care, so you need to do away with them. Self-care means choosing your happiness. HOW DO YOU OVERCOME ANXIETY

-Balancing your life

choosing your happiness

Self-care means balancing your life so there’s time for everything. There should be time for fun, work, family, yourself, and other responsibilities. Don’t let it be all about work! work! or fun! fun! or you would be stressed out or too lazy to carry out your responsibilities. Have a time for yourself, a time to pamper yourself, and look into other areas of your life.

But don’t let it be only about yourself all the time, you should have time to bond with your family and friends. However, it shouldn’t stop you from tending to your own needs or taking some time off to relax.

Know the time for work, and when to stop working and bond with family or have some fun. There should be some balance in your life to help you stay focused, healthy, and happy. HOW TO BALANCE BEING A MUM AND WORK


These are some ways to practice self-care, but you should definitely have your own of practicing self-care. You can practice self-care in your own simple ways just as long as you hold your happiness and mental health in high regard. If you love yourself, taking care of yourself becomes a necessity to you. Self-care is choosing your happiness.


  1. This post is exactly the motivation I am needing!! I totally agree that self-care is more than just physical things. It involves a lot more. I love your point about avoiding toxic people and situations. Selfcare means creating happiness!

    Great post!

    1. Great post! Self care is definitely so important – we all need to look after ourselves! I really like your point about avoiding toxic things because it genuinely makes such a difference. Thanks for sharing!

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