Why I can't sleep after breakup


Can’t sleep after breakup, what do you do? And what are the reasons?

Breaking up with someone you love means losing someone dear to you, this is probably the reason you can’t sleep after breakup. What you feel after a breakup is similar to what people feel after their loved ones have died, and that is definitely not easy to deal with. Breakup comes with series of heartaches, frustration, sadness, hopelessness, and emptiness, all these are not easy to handle. And this is probably why you are losing sleep after breakup. However, you need to understand that not having enough sleep has a negative impact on your health. It can affect your work life, your school performance, and other crucial areas of your life. So, you should fight against it for your own good.

Why You Can’t Sleep After Breakup

You are probably wondering why you have not been able to sleep after breakup, well, you should close attention to this article to find out why. Now, let’s dive into the reasons you can’t sleep after breakup:

-The memory is still fresh

Can't sleep after breakup
Heartbroken lady

If you have just recently broken up with someone you love there will be series of sleepless nights. It’s almost as if you are stuck in that painful revelation that you have lost someone you truly loved. And that keeps you from having your peace of mind, which leads to difficulty sleeping. With time you might get over the hurt and the pain of breakup but sleepless nights often come first. Since the memory is still fresh, you would probably still be struggling with the pain and the loneliness that come after a breakup. All these can cost you your sleep and your peace of mind.

You find yourself wallowing in your pain when you should be sleeping. This is probably one of the reasons you can’t sleep after breakup. With that memory of them lingering in your mind especially during the night, you may find it difficult to rest your head and get some sleep. You find your mind wandering about and remembering the times you both shared together and you are filled with pains and regrets. Or you find yourself wishing you could have stopped the breakup from happening. But it is a little too late and these thoughts will only keep you awake.

-Stress that comes with breakup

When you are going through a breakup especially after a long-term relationship has ended, it is going to stress you out or probably lead to depression if you let it. The stress of having to deal with the pain doesn’t only affect you emotionally but also physically. And you may become a shadow of yourself, you may have no appetite for food and no desire to sleep. Stress is one of the leading causes of insomnia and breakups can be very stressful. Trying to handle the pain that comes with it and figuring out what to do with your life after breakup all add to your stress. Breakups are emotionally draining and this stresses you both physically and emotionally.

Breakups lead to stress and this is one reason you can’t sleep after breakup. When you are worrying too much, or you are restless, you are unlikely to get enough sleep and rest that your body requires. And this only makes you feel more stressed out. So, if you are worried about your life without them or if your mind is always occupied with regrets or pain, then you are giving room to stress. And stress prevents you from getting the sleep you need.

-You truly loved them

One reason you can’t sleep at night is because you truly loved your partner and the thought of losing them is taking a toll on your mental health. It won’t be so difficult to get over someone you didn’t really love but if you truly loved them you would find it hard to sleep at night.

can't sleep after breakup
couple in love


It’s always harder when you couldn’t imagine a life without them but then a breakup happened. It would be too difficult for you to come to terms with it and that’s probably why you can’t sleep well at night. You are probably scrolling through your ex’s social media page or thinking about sending them a text or begging them to take you back. All these can stop you from getting the sleep you require. And this is why you can’t sleep after breakup.

It may have been easier for you to let go if it had just been a breakup with anyone. But because you truly loved them, it is going to be harder to get over them.https://www.ceetimax.com.ng/2021/07/20/how-to-get-back-with-your-ex-girlfriend-after-a-breakup/

What To Do To Get Your Sleep Back

Breakup is emotionally draining, frustrating, and difficult to handle but this doesn’t mean you should let it ruin your life. If you can’t sleep after breakup, then you should certainly start looking for solutions for that. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your health and your life in general, so you shouldn’t take a good sleep for granted. So, what do you do when you are having trouble sleeping after breakup:

-Try Exercising

If you don’t find something to occupy your time or wear you out, you will certainly not get enough sleep. Exercise is a great way to occupy your body and mind so you don’t t think about the pain. Try long runs, squatting, or any exercise that can wear you out and help you go to sleep. You can even try dancing to your favorite songs, this will help increase your heart rate and also help to tire yourself so you can finally fall asleep. So, if you can’t sleep after breakup, you should try exercising.7 WAYS TO RELIEVE STRESS

-Listen to music

can't sleep after breakup
music heals

Music is a powerful way to free your emotions and soothe your pain. It is definitely what you need if you can’t sleep after breakup. So, instead of focusing on your pain, you should try playing your favorite songs, this can help you fall asleep. Just look for that song or playlist that helps you relax and you can definitely get your sleep back. Once you are about to go to bed, put on the music and focus on it. Train your mind to switch off every other thing going on in your mind and focus only on the music. It would be like a lullaby and before you know it you are drifting off to sleep.

-Try meditation

can't sleep after breakup

Meditating will help you get over the pain and focus on the positive things. It is also a great way to relieve stress and you need to take it seriously. It’s time to feel your pain and let it go, so you can stop having sleepless nights. You can ask for professional help in controlling your thoughts and focusing on the peace inside. Once you master the art of meditation, you would know how to use it to induce sleep. Meditation helps you to calm down and relax too.

It also helps you practice pushing out those negative thoughts that can ruin your peace of mind. If you are too worried or stressed out, you would definitely not be getting enough sleep. So, find what works for you, music, quiet environment, or nature, and let it help you focus on peace and quiet. Meditation will definitely be helpful to you if you can’t sleep after breakup.

-Focus on something you love

The thoughts you have after breakup can often be distracting which prevents you from getting your beauty sleep. You find yourself wondering what you did wrong and thinking about the time you spent with your ex. This only makes it harder for you to deal with the pain. And if you don’t want to continue this way, you need to find something else to focus your time and energy on. When those thoughts come, they can’t be in control because there’s something else occupying your mind. It could be a hobby or a new skill or it could just be hanging out with new people. Don’t just give your mind the chance to keep wallowing in pain. So, you should definitely try this out if you can’t sleep after breakup.

Dealing with breakup isn’t easy at all and having trouble sleeping is one of the things you get to deal with. Do not let it linger for long, do what you can to make it easier for you to sleep well at night. Good sleep means a healthy body and mind, so you shouldn’t take your sleep for granted no matter what you are going through.



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